Friday, November 21, 2008

A Plate of Color

Good afternoon!! I hope your day is going well - the weekend is almost here. Today has been a rushing around sort of day - I can't believe it is already 2:30.
I had a great run today - 7 miles in 57:30 - shaved a little time off. When we got home it was lunch time and then out the door again for my haircut appointment.

Lunch today was a plate of color - quite pleasing to the eye. I started with a bed of lettuce then tossed on a chopped golden delicious apple, cottage cheese, red pepper spread, a Ryvita swiss cheesy cracker and the rest of the cheese that didn't fit on the cracker. This was so yummy - I love a plate of random eats - one of my fun to meals.

I also had a piece of Chocolate Pumpkin Bread - which came out super yummy. The spices are very potent in this bread. It isn't really that chocolaty but I did leave out the chocolate chips that were in the original recipe. This bread is kind of on the sweeter side - I usually prefer less sweetness. I think that if I do make it again I will reduce the amount of sugar. I topped my slice with a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter which tasted great together. Charlie had a piece last night and he liked it too. It definitely has a fallish flavor - a great take along product for the holidays for sure.

D and I are back home for a quick snack then we are off to the grocery store - Trader Joe's here we come.

My huz found this old photo of the 2 of us. It is about 7 years ago and we are at our first apartment. Sorry I have to say this - look how much hair is on your head honey!!!

Enjoy your afternoon. See you tonight.


Erica said...

Lunch looks fabulous. That picture of you two is so freaking cute!

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for BOTH of us having amazing Fridays :-)

Sensational lunch components!!


matt said...

nice pic!

the two of you look so happy together!

Sharon said...

You two look adorable!

And mmm... chocolate pumpkin bread!

Charlie said...

Yes, 8 years together has cost me a lot of hair.

Oh well, I'll take the pumpkin bread, instead.

Anonymous said...

awww cute pic!

that definitely IS a plate full of amazing colors :)

Andrea said...

looooove the picture :) you two are so cute together! love the mish-mosh lunch too - i love your messes!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!! Your plate IS very colorful - I love it!! Looks so good!