Monday, November 17, 2008

Part 3 This Evening

I am getting the evening post in early because my sweetie and I have plans to watch Part 3 of i Claudius tonight. We didn't get a chance to spend time together last night once D went to bed because Charlie had a ton of work do get done for this morning. Tonight will be fun. We are planning to make some yummy treats and snuggle in our big chair together.

Now the eats of the afternoon:
My lunch didn't stay with me as long as I hoped so I munched an apple around 2.

Then an hour and a half later I had to eat something more substantial - about 1/3 cup greek yogurt and a Z Bar. I ate the bar pretty slowly with a nice warm cup of decaf Vanilla Chai tea - it was rather comforting. D and I were coloring at the time so it was nice to take my time and enjoy my snack.

Dinner tonight was a little on the light side - I have plans for dessert :)
I made a nice salad - lettuce, shredded carrots, cucumber (I have to peel and seed it in order to eat), water chestnuts, 2 slices of Roasted Turkey and Maple Grove Farms dressing.

I also made crispy cheese wedges out of an Arnold's Sandwich Thin. I topped each half with shredded cheese then placed them on a pizza stone that I heated at 400 degrees. I let the cheese get really melted and the Sandwich Thin got extra crispy. Once out of the oven I cut it into 8 wedges. It was a nice accompaniment to my salad.

My plan later is to make a dessert using 1/2 cup greek yogurt, a banana, a tablespoon PB and a Chocolate VitaTop. I just might whip up a little chocolate sauce too - that will definitely make my dessert over the top scrumptious.
I will share my deliciousness with you later - or in the AM.
Have a lovely evening.


Erica said...

Ow- enjoy your fun evening snack and your hang out time! Can't wait to see the food pics tomorrow am.

Aggie said...

I love reading about all of your healthy snacks and meals! Last night I had a PB&J yogurt...stoneyfield yogurt with a swirl of crunchy PB and Simply Fruit (not sure if this is so healthy but it did the trick).

Have a nice evening!

Sammie said...

That sounds healthy to me. :)