Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Naturally Nutty

Today I received a nice package in the mail from Katie at Naturally Nutty. You all know my love of nut butters so I was thrilled to get 4 of her flavors. I did indeed sample them ALL and they are delicious.
The Butter Toffee was not at all sweet which I expected given the name. It was a lot like regular PB with a slightly sweeter taste.
The Chocolate Sunflower Seed butter did not let me down - you know that I eat SB on a daily basis. I really liked that the chocolate was an afterthought and did not over power the true flavor of the sunflower seed.

The next flavor I tried was the Vanilla Almond butter. I was expecting another sweet spread but it is a perfect balance of sweet and nutty. The texture was great as well. I like how almond butter has a little different texture from PB and Naturally Nutty AB is also super creamy.
The last flavor is White Chocolate Cherry Almond butter - there are dried cherries throughout the spread. I didn't find it significantly different from the Vanilla AB. I tend to avoid dried fruit so I only took a little taste with 1 cherry. I really liked the taste of this flavor too.
The thing that I really like about Katie's products is that they are not too sweet and the nut/seed is still distinguishable. A lot of times when companies add ingredients to a Nut base the natural flavor of the nut is lost or masked. Naturally Nutty is true to its name - the natural flavor is not inhibited even though there are more than just nuts in the mix.
Charlie sampled all the flavors with me and he too enjoyed our tasting session. He is allergic to almonds but had zero reaction from the AB he tasted tonight. I am really glad that he can eat Naturally Nutty AB because it will give him another option for his lunch - he eats sunflower seed butter & jelly almost ever day.
Thank you Katie for being so generous and sending me such a nice variety. I am fully stocked and will not have to purchase a nut/seed butter for at least a few weeks : )
Check out her website for all the flavors - there are quite a few. I have my eye on the Honey Roasted Cinnamon - mmmmmm - I love cinnamon.


Erica said...

Great review! I am going to checkout the site now!!

MizFit said...

I swear you eat, preparation-wise, the way I only asipre to.