Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making Room

This afternoon I did a lot of reorganizing – time to make room for our Christmas tree.  D is so funny about his toys.  I moved things that he rarely plays with around and what does he do, starts to play with them. He has a drum set which he NEVER plays with anymore, well I moved it up to his bedroom and he ran up there and started banging out a tune.  I am glad that he is enjoying the toys that he has been neglecting for so many months.  Now we are just going to add to the mass – double time – his birthday is the 14th, yikes!!!  I don’t think my house is big enough :)

Dinner was a quick and easy meal tonight.  I had sweet potato “fries” (obviously minus the fry)which got a little too crispy – I think I will stick to the rounds, organic chicken sausage which I removed from the casing before cooking (I almost always remove the casing because I don’t really care for it) and ….


a Sandwich Thin with melted shredded cheese and PB & cranberry apple butter. 


I am munching on a golden delicious apple at the moment.  If I get hungry later (I probably will), then I am going to make a cup of  Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea which will have to be accompanied by a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar.


Time to go help Charlie brush Otto’s teeth – hey the dog needs to have good hygiene too.  I hope you had a great weekend.  See you tomorrow.


Erica said...

I will have to remember that toy moving trick when I have kids! Good luck with the teeth cleaning!

VeggieGirl said...

Great cleaning job!!

Love the eats!!

Good luck brushing Otto's teeth, haha ;-)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Enjoy Desperate Housewives! We'll be switching between that and the Bears game.

Anonymous said...

I always do that with the chicken sausage now thanks to u!! AH it's so much better...yay for DH tonight!

Meghann said...

I'm the same way with Clothes as D is with toys. As soon as I move them around I have an urge to wear them again. :)

magpie said...

Hooray for apples after dinner :) My favorite thing!

I love those holiday teas too :)

Have a great night!

ConsiderEatz! said...

I had sweet potato fried too! Good luck with the teeth cleaning :D

Sharon said...

Hahaha, have a fun night! You're right, dog breath... not good. lol