Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch Date

Today D had a lunch date with his friend Sara. We met at Whole Foods and they ate pizza together - they were too cute. I got to chat with Sara's mom who just happens to be one of my gym friends.
Before we left I had to have a snack - I had just banged out 8 miles. I bought a Vanilla Chobani last week and never ate it so I thought that it would be a good option today. I paired it with TJ's High Fiber cereal. I must admit - this yogurt tasted a little off to me. I think I will just stick with plain from now on. For some reason this snack stayed with me for quite a while - must have been the protein in the yogurt. I didn't start to get hungry until 1:30.

Once we got home I made myself an open face tuna melt on a Sandwich Thin. I mixed a tuna pouch with some mustard then melted swiss cheese over the top. It was warm, crispy and delicious.

I also had a big bowl of greens, a chopped golden delicious apple, the rest of the tuna that didn't fit on my sandwich and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Since I was at Whole Foods I just happened to buy a box of PB Puffins. I am munching on a cup of them while I post. These are definitely what I was craving.

Enjoy your afternoon. See you after dinner.


Erica said...

Hey! I'm not a fan of the vanilla chobani- I like all of the other flavors much better! Glad you had a fun lunch date ;)

carolinebee said...

haha that is so funny how your son is in a pizza obsession phase! Even better, he has yummy pita pizzas and whole foods!

magpie said...

I had vanilla chobani with lunch today too. I like the blueberry better.

Anonymous said...

I love PB puffins!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on the vanilla chobani either :( The Puffins look great though!