Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Baking Duo

This afternoon D and I had a great time making White Chocolate chip cookies.  We followed the recipe on the back of the bag – just your basic cookie dough.  We were quite the baking duo – he is such a great helper.

HPIM5791 HPIM5790 HPIM5792
HPIM5793 HPIM5794 HPIM5797
HPIM5799 HPIM5800 HPIM5807

He sampled some of the chips to make sure they were good enough for his cookies.


He was very pleased with his work – a nice warm cookie smile.


Mommy’s snack was an apple ……



Then an hour later I had a Kashi granola bar while flipping through some recipes.


Dinner tonight was a delicious roasted acorn squash which I stuffed with 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese and my homemade cranberry sauce.  Yes, I have managed to eat this stuff at each meal – there was maybe 2 tablespoons here.  I also toasted 3 Ryvita crackers then topped them with PB and sunflower seed butter.

HPIM5817 HPIM5818 HPIM5815

I felt like I needed a little more so I ate an apple. 


I think a nice cup of tea and a Z Bar will be happening shortly.  Tomorrow is a work day so I will be up super early.  Hopefully I can get to bed before 10.  I hope you had a great day.  I will be back tomorrow after babysitting. 


VeggieGirl said...

SO FUN!!!! :-)

Good luck babysitting tomorrow!!

Erica said...

So cute! Glad the chips were to his liking! haha. Have a good night ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your baking pics! How fun for mommy and her son!!!

Andrea said...

D is such a cutie oh my gosh so precious <3

Anonymous said...

your boy = soo precious! He must love seeing his picture taken, then on the blog! I babysit little kids and they really like digital cameras :D

magpie said...

You have so much fun with D :)

Can't ever have enough apples! Dinner looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day! Fun pictures too, glad to hear the cookies turned out well :)

Bobbi said...

what a great post! Love all the pics!