Thursday, October 30, 2008

Up to Something

This morning I decided to use my WaterRower, dumbbells and resistance band instead of going to the gym. I have to clean my sister-in-law's house tomorrow which means if I want to exercise in the AM I will need to hit the gym at 5 AM. Having not gone today will really keep me motivated to get up at such an early hour tomorrow.

For lunch today I put swiss cheese on 2 Ryvita crackers then placed them under the broiler till toasty. I think I just found a new favorite cheesy goody. The crackers got really crispy and kind of nutty tasting.

I opted to have cottage cheese for some more protein. Of course I had to mix all kinds of stuff into it. Into the bowl went a sweet and juicy Honey Crisp apple, summer squash (yes, raw - it tasted GREAT), Kashi GoLean and sunflower seed butter. Adding the squash was a great way to sneak in a little veg to my lunch.

D and I have been up to something this afternoon - check back tonight to see what we made. Lets just say he would like to consume all of them. He has already eaten 5 - thank goodness they are small. Hint, hint - what could it be?? Charlie don't give it away - D already spilled the beans to daddy.
Have a great afternoon.

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Simple and Divine said...

You know--- Today I got to thinking about how I eat and how unbalanced it often is and I immediately thought of YOU and how I think you have such a Beautiful relationship with food, exercise, your health, your body, etc. How did you get there? It really seems to just be something you never even take a second glance at --- You're the PRIME example of intuition :) Can I borrow some? lol