Thursday, October 23, 2008


Good morning friends, Happy Thursday!!!!
For my caffeine this morning I opted for a nice warm cup of tea. I have this glorious blend of Rooibos Chai and MateVana that I got from a tea lovers paradise - Teavana. If you are a big fan of tea then definitely check this place out - it is cool.

They will blend anything you want and you can get it in this nice tin so your stash stays fresh. They also have the most beautiful collection of tea pots for sale - if you are into that sort of thing, I just go for a mug.

Breakfast was an extra thick "mess" - the Kashi Cinnamon Harvest is the culprit. I am sure you can probably guess almost all the ingredients but I will rattle them off just because this is a foodie blog. The concoction contains cottage cheese, pumpkin, Cinnamon Puffins, a few squares of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, chia seeds, PB and a drizzle of cranberry apple butter.

It is actually waiting for me to eat it - I wanted to get my AM post done so I can savor every bite. I am almost positive it is going to be delicious.
After my eats it is time to get the body moving. Have an awesome morning.

How did you start your day - coffee or tea and what did you have for breakfast?


VeggieGirl said...

Ooooh, an extra-thick "mess"??? MARVELOUS!!

**How I start my day:

- No coffee or tea (I don't consume caffeine)

- ALWAYS start my day with a protein shake and a bowl of Banana-Nut Butter oatmeal (I switch off between hazelnut-butter, almond-butter, pumpkin-seed-butter, and sunflower-seed-butter).

polly said...

I started my day the usual way. A big mug of 100% natural white tea. Then a banana, then headed off to teach yoga. Took a few sips of green tea at yoga, then ate a couple hard boiled eggs running errands, then finally home around noon to a bowl of scottish oats, just plain... no add ins. I eat pretty simply! Looking forward to greek yogurt and another nana later, probably some raw almonds too.

HeatherBakes said...

I really want to start drinking tea. It just seems like a good way to start the morning- maybe I'll check out Teavana soon! I think we have one in our local mall.

I started my day off with banana oatmeal topped with AB, dried cherries and trail mix... and a diet coke (hangs head in shame)

Kisses to Otto for me :)

magpie said...

I always start my day with TONS of tea! No coffee (ever) but always lots of tea. And today I had strawberry yogurt oatmeal with a chopped plum :)

Unfortunately today I also started with a dentist appointment, but that went well.

LOVE Teavana! You should check out Lupicia too.

Catherine said...

I always start (and end) my day with a huge mug of herbal tea. Caffeine doesn't really like me...

Suzanne said...

My breakie was a healthy life wheat hamburger bun with three egg whites, S&P. And then 2 prunes.