Friday, October 31, 2008

Staying Power

I am finally home - this is going to be a quickie - my lunch is waiting. My bowl of oats & stuff stayed with me so well today - that is definitely my new breakfast : ) I guess you just can't beat a good bowl of oatmeal.
After cleaning today I snacked on a string cheese and a Honey Crisp apple - not a sweet as some of the other ones I have had but still delicious. I love apples.
I quite enjoyed myself at TJ's - I restocked my greek yogurt supply.

My VERRRY late lunch that has yet to be consumed is 2 toasted Ryvita crackers with melted light cheddar cheese.

Also a mix of greek yogurt, summer squash, Kashi GoLean, Cinnamon Puffins, apple butter and sunflower seed butter.

Even thought I have yet to take a bite I am very positive my lunch will be a winner. I can't believe what time it is - the day has flown by.
Trick-or-treating soon, yay!!!!
I will see you all later - enjoy the rest of your afternoon and be safe this evening. I hope you have lots of Halloween fun.


VeggieGirl said...

Honeycrisp apples = best ever. Period.


magpie said...

I love meals with staying power! Everything sounds and looks yummy :) Enjoy your lunch!

Sarah said...

Yup, I've had oats the past two days and have noticed that I have to remind myself that I need to eat again, instead of counting down the minutes until lunch!

We are hitting TJ's tomorrow...other than Greek yogurt, preserves/pumpkin butter, what are some must haves of yours that I shouldn't miss?

Hope you had fun trick-or-treating...its raining here =(

Sammie said...

I am addicted to TJ's cranberry apple butter - so yummy!!!!