Sunday, October 5, 2008

Running Around Sunday

I can not believe it is already Sunday night - what happened to my day - oh yeah, I was running around ALL day.
Today started with my yummy "mess" - TJ's Greek yogurt, banana, Kashi GoLean, Cinnamon Puffins and sunflower seed butter. Then I went out for an awesome 6.15 mile run which took about 45 minutes. I always walk for a little while as a cool down so I was just a hair under 7 miles by the time I made it back home.

After showering and wrangling my guys we headed to Whole Foods for a bite to eat. I had a hankering for a sandwich and I knew I could get stuff there to satisfy my need. I found a small ciabatta roll to make my sammie on - it had a good crusty exterior but a tender and soft interior. I filled the roll with roasted turkey, Monterey Jack cheese and yellow mustard. I also had a 365 brand FF vanilla yogurt and a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar which I broke up and tossed into the yogurt. I quite enjoy the cut up fruit they sell (it is so juicy & sweet) and I can always get the D man to eat some. We shared this container which was delicious as always.

After lunch we took my truck to get an oil change. Then it was off to the grocery store, home for a quick dinner and then back out again.
Dinner was a mix of cottage cheese, plain yogurt (sprinkled with cinnamon), carrots and summer squash.
A sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwich also made an appearance this evening.
I had the last mini soy cream sandwich for dessert.
Our evening included a quickie to Trader Joe's (my Greek yogurt is fully restocked) and then a nice visit at my sister-in-laws house to wish her a happy birthday which is tomorrow.

My tired little man fell asleep on the ride home - he was pooped. We have had such a busy day he has had no time to chill out. I think he will sleep well.
I enjoyed Desperate Housewives this evening - it just keeps getting better. I am ready to crawl in my nice warm bed and drift off to dreamland. I hope you had a nice weekend.

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RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

wow that was a crazy day! you are a fast runner wow!