Friday, October 17, 2008

Remember the Bundys

I rose at 4:30 this morning and ventured to the gym. The TV that was located in front of me was set on channel TV 38 and Married With Children was on. I have probably seen every single episode because my stepfather was a religious viewer back in the day. Honestly, this morning I got quite a laugh from the show. I know it is soooo crude. Fess up, how many of you remember the Bundy's?

When I got home I quickly showered because food was most definitely needed. I threw together a "mess" and a cup of coffee - oh how I love thee!!!!
Today's mix wasn't anything you haven't seen before BUT there is a different cereal in the bowl - Kashi Heart 2 Heart. The dairy base is cottage cheese (gotta get the protein), then I mashed a banana & pumpkin, added the H2H, Cinnamon Puffins and Mighty Maple PB. Totally hitting that hunger spot.

Please do not be upset if lunch isn't fancy. After I clean my sister-in-law's house I am really going to need some quick but satisfying chow - probably greek yogurt - it is so filling.
I will be off and running in a few but first I need to read all your lovely blogs and have a 2nd cup of caffeine - I know naughty, naughty. Have an awesome Friday.
BTW: I am TJ bound after cleaning - I could not possible just drive right by.


Simple and Divine said...

Great show! And you MUsT do a grocery shop pic(s)! I totally love them n it's so fun to compare TJs. -PS- Hav you ever checked out Haha, I'm in love with it! I did a greek yogurt review ;) My TJs was all out these past few days and so was Kath's! I sure hope yours doesn't disappoint! XO

Sammie said...

Oh NO!! Well there is another TJ's about 10 min. away - I will just have to go there if they are out. I WILL travel for my yogurt :)

VeggieGirl said...

Watching "Married With Children" is a guilty pleasure, I won't lie :0)

The daily "mess"!!! Hooray!!!!

I would never be upset with you about your lunch - eat what fuels you best, Sammie!! :0)

Tina said...

I watched Married with Children this morning too while doing abs-- how random!!!