Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Clone Commander Cody

Introducing the newest member of my family, Clone Commander Cody. He has been wearing this ALL day.

I would say that smile shows justs how excited he is to be wearing this suit.

After cleaning for 2 hours, I went to the Trader Joe's near my sister-in-law's house and almost crippled myself. D was in the basket of a carriage and when I tried to push it up onto the curb where there just so happened to be a small lip - the cart smashed into my knees and tipped forward. I held onto it so D wouldn't land on his face - his helmet is definitely not a crash helmet. Of course my legs were in excruciating pain but when it comes to your child pain is the last thing on your mind. When I finally made it onto the sidewalk I had to stand there for a minute - maybe 10 - because I was ready to puke from the pain. I resisted letting "F" bombs fly in the presence of my child - that is the last thing I need him repeating. I checked the damage on my ever so feminine looking legs - lets just say I look like a battered wife. Yes, the TV bruises are still there and looking prettier than ever. And get this, THEY WERE OUT OF GREEK YOGURT - not just the 0%, but all the TJ's greek yogurt. After almost breaking my legs I would have settled for the 2%, but nope, ALL OUT!! Well now I was a mommy on a mission - I was determined to get that dam yogurt - my knees deserve justice. I carted Commander Cody back to the truck and headed to the other Trader Joe's. Yeah, I was a little off on the distance - more like 30 minutes away and there was road work being done - I was getting a little pissy. Don't worry, I was nice to Cody- he could have blow my head off with his blaster. I wanted to scream THANK YOU!! when I saw the beautiful containers of life sustaining elixir - well, it keeps me going - on the shelf. I went a little crazy with the amount I bought - sorry honey, but you know I love this stuff.
Here is my loot:
Kashi GoLean
TJ's Honey Cluster cereal for my honey
Sunflower seed butter
TJ's Organic Creamy Unsalted PB
Fire Roasted Salsa
Cranberry Apple Butter
Apple Cranberry Chutney - looked interesting and I was starving so of course I bought it
Organic Vanilla Yogurt for D
TJ's Greek Yogurt - yes that is 5 containers :) MMMMMMM!!!!! At least I have enough for the weekend - kidding, it should last a little longer than that
Romaine lettuce
Frozen Mango - I didn't need to buy this, I still have the other bag in my freezer. This is what happens when I go grocery shopping and my stomach is eating itself - bad girl not packing a snack, what the heck was wrong with my brain this morning.
And finally, Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese blend

When I finally made it home I ate some food.
I really wanted to try this salsa - notice the NO SALT ADDED, my tongue was happy.

I topped some spaghetti squash with the salsa and shredded cheese.

And this was calling my name.

I made a "mess' with Greek yogurt (you know what kind), unsweetened applesauce, Kashi GoLean, Cinnamon Puffins, a drizzle of the Cranberry Apple butter and sunflower seed butter. The Cranberry Apple butter is really good - kind of tart. It was a great addition to my concoction. I think that plain old unsweetened apple butter is still my fav.

So that is my day so far - kind of nuts - at least I can still walk and I GOT MY YOGURT!!! Yes, I am excited by food and plain yogurt is all it takes.
I am feeding my huz TVP tonight in the form of a taco salad - hey, he agreed to try it. I will let you know what he thinks.
Enjoy the rest of your day - I am off to do some laundry - time to take care of my own house.


VeggieGirl said...

D is too cute in that costume!!! :0)

Oh my goodness gracious that's TERRIBLE about what happened at TJ's!!! Be extra careful!!! Don't break yourself!!


Charlie said...

Battered wife!?! Jeez, thanks.

Sammie said...

Honey everyone knows that would never happen - I would totally take you down :) Never underestimate the small ones - you know that I am feisty.

Erica said...

Josh has been begging for the sunflower seed butter! He finished his first jar and we haven't bought any since the move! Maybe we'll go to WF's tonight for some! I'm sorry about your legs! I hope they feel better! I'm glad D is ok. He looks SO freaking cute in that costume!

Anonymous said...

oh no!!!!!!!!!!! sorry to hear about your crash :( i hope your legs heal up soon!!!

ps. D is adorable! cant wait to hear about what costume he picks for halloween haha

Simple and Divine said...

JEEEZ!! And yeah Charlie -- I'm with your little lady on this one. She's a fighta <3

-PS- TJ's recalled their greek yogurts for serving shit... UGH You're SO lucky you got the last of em for a WHILE probs! And thanks for the grocery pics! Your mess looks EXQUISITE with that deep ruby red ribbon!!! *Swooons.

And D... No words... He's just so flippin precious!

MizFit said...

SO CUTE IN THE COSTUME...I must find something for my Toddler this weekend.

and here's hoping all your TJs bruises have healed!!

Anonymous said...

Your little guy is always incognito!! I love it! Too darn cute!

Anonymous said...

BTW - so sorry about your legs! I know that had to hurt like a ....