Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hanging with Harry

Last night I bought a robe for my little man to wear as his costume for the B-day party on Saturday. He was so excited when I showed it to him. Immediately he put it on and asked me to draw a scar on his forehead. I got to hang out with Harry Potter this afternoon. He actually left the house looking like this - we had to run to the bank & craft store - everyone got a kick out of him. The sad thing is, he looks so old to me in this photo - my little man is growing up. Look at that smile - he just warms my heart!!!

On with the eats. My afternoon snack was Stonyfield Farm FF plain yogurt & a Kashi PB chewy granola bar.

For dinner I made Oatmeal & Oat Bran Pancakes. I used 1/4 cup each of oatmeal & oat bran, 4 egg whites, 1/2 tsp baking powder and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I just mixed it all in a bowl then cooked in a pan that I sprayed with cooking spray. I topped each one with a little sunflower seed butter - it was a tablespoons worth. These were only mediocre - I have made better. If I hadn't eaten pumpkin for lunch I would have tossed a little in the mix but I thought that might be orange veggie overkill for the day.

I am probably going to regret having this but I was so craving a salad so I made a small one - you know how large I can make them. This is just baby romaine lettuce, carrots, zucchini, a piece of Red. Fat mozzarella string cheese and Maple Grove Farms dressing. I really miss the monstrosities that I can whip up. Maybe next week "things" will be better.

I was debating on if I should have one of my Cranberry Oatmeal bars - I individually wrapped them and froze the leftovers. Lets just say that after much discussion with the huz, I am not going down that road again. They now rest in peace in my garbage bag : ( Those little suckers cause this mommy a serious tummy ache. Me and cranberries just can not be friends - can't say I didn't try.
Eventually I came up with this for dessert; I chopped up an apple, tossed in a few Cinnamon Puffins and drizzled 1/2 a tablespoon of SB over the top.

I am ready to end this day. Goodnight!


Megan said...

OMG your son is adorable!!!!!!!! ;-D

Gina said...

harry potter is PRECIOUS!
i got pics of my bros in their costumes yesterday and i thought the same thing: they're growing up way too fast.
i'm so sorry that the cranberries were hurting your tummy-- good idea to toss 'em out.
have a great night!

hk said...

D IS SUCH A PEACH :) love it!!!

HangryPants said...

I love pancakes for dinner! Your son, excuse me, Harry Potter is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Your little guy is so adorable!

VeggieGirl said...

D looks SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! :0)

Mmm, pancakes!!

Tina said...

Harry Potter is so cute!!!!!!!!!!