Thursday, October 9, 2008


I took the easy road tonight for dinner. I made an omelet with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, dried basil and a splash of Frank's Red Hot. I ate it with a mini whole wheat bagel.

For some veg I had a few carrots & zucchini.

Dessert was a mix of plain yogurt, pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, TJ's High Fiber cereal, Cinnamon Puffins and SB.

My guys really enjoyed their cupcakes. My huz said that this is the best chocolate cake he has ever had - actually tasted like real intense chocolate but still remained moist and cakey.

He kept hinting about wanting to try it with a vanilla buttercream frosting - he got his frosting. He only tasted the frosting, not a frosted cupcake - he already ate two. He thinks they are going to taste like an Oreo - he is pretty stoked.

HP is having a little bit of trouble falling asleep tonight - see a nap can end up backfiring on you. Today was change the sheets day, so I am off to make my bed then crawl under the covers and RELAX!!!
See you in the AM. Good night.


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, looooove that dessert!!

I can't get over the cuteness of D, dressed up like HP :0)

Glad that the cupcakes were well-received!!

Andrea said...

your hubby and son are ADORABLE! cute family :)

the cupcakes look divine! and i love the 'mess' dessert mmmm. never thought of adding applesauce - great idea!