Thursday, October 9, 2008

Black Cupcakes

This afternoon I had a little time to myself - more on that in sec.
I decided to use my WaterRower and dumbbells at home this morning - super duper workout once again. This time I did 30 min. rowing followed by 2 sets of my weight circuit, another 30 min. row and the last 4 sets of my weight circuit.
For lunch I made a small salad - lettuce, carrots, zucchini, cheddar cheese stick and MGF dressing.

I also had a 2 slices of whole wheat bread, one with melted Monterey Jack cheese and the other SB and TJ's Red. sugar BB Preserves.

I finished with a little something sweet - 1/2 cup TJ's Greek yogurt and a TJ's Chewy granola bar - the chocolate was so delicious with the yogurt.

So this is what happened while I ate lunch - I think he is having a growth spurt. He has been eating a ton and I guess needs to snooze a bit.

While the man napped I made some Black Cupcakes for the huz. I used this recipe, only I had to sub the sour cream with plain yogurt. I only have FF on hand and they do not suggest that as a good sub but that is all I had. The other change I made was to use black cocoa instead of the Dutch-process cocoa - that is why I am calling them Black Cupcakes.

My huz is a lover of really dark chocolate - the bitter kind. He tends to not like chocolate cake because it is not DARK enough - therefor my idea to use the black cocoa. If you like Oreo cookies then you would really enjoy substituting some or all of the cocoa in your fav recipes.

This recipe is quite simple.

Everything came together very smoothly.

But my cupcakes came out flat - I think it was the yogurt : ( You can see how dark they are - my honey is going to love them.

I might make a frosting but I think I will let Charlie taste the cake without any other flavors just to see if they are in fact up to his chocolate standards.
D had one and would have devoured 5 more if I let him - I did stop him at one.
Mommy got about 45 minutes of alone time this afternoon - not enough time to finish the cupcakes but HP was cool while I finished these babies. Then again, he knew what was coming out of the oven and going into his tummy.
See you later this evening.


VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous lunch & cupcakes!!

Aww, D :0)

charlie said...

The black cocoa cupcakes were a smash here at work. Especially after being frosted with the vanilla buttercream. It was kind of a Oreo in cupcake form.