Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Running in my Dreams

It isn't that often that I wake up and remember what I was dreaming, well, today I did. I was trying to run some sort of race through the woods but my legs felt like heavy bricks. In my dream I was getting so annoyed at my lack of speed despite the intense effort I was putting into the competition. When someone would pass me I tried to speed up but my body stayed in the same place - very odd dream. Does it have any meaning? I always wonder about that - what do you think?

This morning I had a my "messy" bowl of pumpkin , yogurt, Kashi GoLean, Cinnamon Puffins and sunflower seed butter. Can you tell that I am a lover of all things pumpkin? I have been jonesing for some pumpkin butter - time to hit up TJ's and see if they sell some. I love to mix it with cottage cheese and yogurt, mmmmmmm.

I am going to the gym this morning and then running a few errands this afternoon. We need trash bags but we have an under the sink garbage bag called Rack Sac. We have a trash eating furry friend so this was the solution. The only downside is, I have to buy the special bags for it and I can only buy them at Bed Bath & Beyond even though I bought the thing at Linens-N-Things. I have to go to the Foxboro BB&B, but I am kind of looking forward to seeing what else they have added to the Patriot Place Complex. I also need more vacuum bags for my Oreck - another type of bag that I need to travel to purchase. The good thing is there is a TJ's next to the Oreck store : ) It is a lot of driving today so hopefully my sidekick will keep his cool - bribery might necessary.
Enjoy your Tuesday. WHERE IS THE SUN????


VeggieGirl said...

Hmm... maybe the fact that you weren't speeding up symbolizes that running is a "constant" in your life, and that you enjoy it; but maybe it's time to increase speed or "mix it up" or something?? Haha, not sure ;0)

Ahh, I know!!! The sun NEEDS to come out!!

Kristi said...

If you go to an apple orchard, they should have some pumpkin butter. This is where I find the best because it is home made and really good for you! They don't add too much too it! Good luck!

p.s. I also LOVE everything pumpkin!

HeatherBakes said...

I think dreams are usually just a manifestation of stuff that's been occupying your mind... so maybe you've been feeling like you're working really hard on something but not making progress? Or maybe it's just because you run a lot :)

Good luck on the pumpkin butter hunt. Williams Sonoma has some- if you have one nearby!

Sammie said...

Thanks ladies for the PB suggestions. I will definitely post my purchase.
I love the dream info too, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

hahah that dream sounds more like a nighmare... i dont think it means anything.. if you were about to race iw oudl think it would just be nerves!

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

just caught up on ur posts. i am amazed that you often cook 3 dinners. that must get tiring, no? you are wife and mommy of the year for sure.

even though he didn't bring u nail polish, i think the hubbie did a GREAT job. pumpkin froyo? sounds great to me!!!!

Sammie said...

I am a very picky eater so I do end up making my huz something different. But if I don't feel like making something that extravagant he is cool with a sandwich. It really isn't that bad.