Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thank you HONEY!!! He saved the day with a new power cord for my computer. Yesterday a certain little person kicked the old one off a chair - yeah, it broke and left mommy without her blog for like 24 hours. I was having withdrawals : ) So instead of bombarding you with pictures of my food that we all know is always the same because I tend to be boring like that, I am just going to show a few. I will start fresh tomorrow.

My Sunday morning "mess" was yogurt, canned pumpkin, Kashi GoLean, 365 PB Pows and sunflower seed butter. I really love the flavor of the PB Pows but they are not very filling (very little fiber) - time to switch back to Puffins or Weetabix in the AM.

I made a new rice, Lundberg Wild Blend - it is super nutty and chewy. For lunch I mixed it with some cuke, zucchini, apple and sunflower seed butter. I had cottage cheese on the side for some protein.

I have also eaten one of these babies today - yummy!!!!

I have a super duper headache right now and I am really hungry but I am not in the mood to cook - what to do??? My huz has a loaf of fresh bread that I just made in the bread machine and a fridge full of food so I am sure he won't starve tonight. I can probably throw a waffle at D and call that I dinner. I might be back later - maybe I will show a picture of my bread. The season premiere of Desperate Housewives is on tonight and I really want to watch it. I don't have a show that I watch religiously but I used to be addicted to that one.
I hope you all have had a great weekend - mine, well, it is STILL RAINING!!! It's been kind of boring around here, although, I did read over 100 pages yesterday. That was probably because I wasn't able to read any of your blogs. That's all for now - see you later.


Gina said...

i'm SO READY for desperate housewives! what'd you think about the apple pie larabar?? delicious huh? i love the cinnamon in it :D
have a great night sammie!

Sammie said...

Yes, the apple pie is delish. My fav. is PB or the Cocoa Mole - as far as fruity flavored I luv Banana Cookie.
I am really looking forward to the show - I hope that it is awesome.