Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!!! Today my honey pie has the day off so we will be enjoying some family time together.
I was not very good at keeping my post schedule yesterday so here is a recap.
2 Mini WW pitas with Turkey and melted cheese, carrots and a banana with almond butter.

I finished off lunch with a homemade Peanut Bar - so yummy!!

Afternoon snack: Kashi bar & plain yogurt.

A delicious salad that included the juiciest nectarine, spinach, cabbage, carrots and tofu.

I also made eggs (2 egg whites & 1 whole egg) with cheese and a toasted Thomas' english muffin (I melted some extra cheese on one half).

The three of us went to see Fly Me to the Moon last night - D's first 3D movie experience. We had a blast and munched on Twizzlers and Junior Mints. I also had a non-dairy smoothie made with blueberry & strawberry sorbet from the Ben & Jerry's located in the theater. We went to a new movie theater, Showcase Cinema de lux, that just opened at the Gillette Stadium complex called Patriot Place. The theater actually has a live band venue which Charlie and I might try to plan a date out and go watch a concert. It was a great evening.

I know breakfast is so predictable with me but I have found a great mix of flavor and texture that I find so satisfying. I tried to drizzle the almond butter a little better this morning to make the bowl look interesting. Also in my bowl was soaked oat bran (I soaked it overnight with a small amount of water), plain yogurt and TJ's High Fiber O's.

I made a movie on how to make the knockoff bars that I have been posting about. Please enjoy!! D made some bars too. : )

Have a wonderful Monday!!


VeggieGirl said...

Happy Labor Day!! So glad that you'll be able to spend it with everyone in your family, since there's no work today.

Love the video on how to make your SENSATIONAL "knock-off" Larabars!! Your version definitely looks authentic to me! :0)

Fitnessista said...

yes! thank you for posting this video!!! i can't wait to make some this week!
have a happy labor day w the family!!!

*Erica* said...

Happy Labor Day! I am so impressed with your bars...maybe I will have time to make some this week! I hope you had a good, long weekend!
On a side note, didn't know if you ever noticed that my blog name was misspelled! Ha! I got to looking at it while I was mobile-blogging this weekend, and thought, that doesn't look right! Probably because it wasn't! I guess I typed it in too fast and had the "c" and "i" in "exercises" backwards! So I have since fixed it, but it did require me to change the name of the blog, or the spelling, should I say. So, sorry for the inconvenience! I hope to get back to normal this week, and get in a better routine!

Kath said...

Sammie - Thanks so much for the video!!!! I need to try these soon :)

Sonic was hilarious.