Monday, September 29, 2008

I like to Mix

I guess you could call my lunch a "mess" too. I have expressed my desire to mix crunchy, chewy and creamy foods. Each one attributing a different but lovely sensation as they mingle in my mouth.
For today's lunch I combined cottage cheese, apple (the sweetest gala apple I have ever had - from my picking stash), zucchini, wheat berries (2nd time trying and I love, love, love them), dried cranberries, sunflower seed butter and a decent sprinkle of cinnamon.
Can I just say that wheat berries are the BOMB - can't get any chewier than these little specks of joy and they have some nuttiness to them. I got a bite that was wheat berries, a cranberry, cottage cheese and sunflower seed butter - the combination of flavors was heavenly.

I also had a side of baby carrots.

The gym was good - D hung-out with the dudes and I got to work up a decent sweat. Yeah, gross but that is how I judge a good workout and I am a serious sweater - double gross. (don't even go there Charlie)
It finally stopped raining but the sun has decided to take yet another day off. Thankfully it is a decent temperature out there. I actually have a few windows open - I love the fresh air.
Enjoy the rest of the afternoon, see you all later.

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VeggieGirl said...

I love the combinations you come up with for your meals - yum!