Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hungry Girl

I have been sooo hungry today, so I ate. : )
This afternoon when I got home from WF I had a cup of yogurt & a Kashi granola bar.

I was planning to go to Turbo when Charlie got home so dinner was a quickie.
A small bowl of tomatoes (from my sis) and Horizon Organic Cottage Cheese. I love cottage cheese but I have not been buying it since the whole growth hormone issue. Today I found this hormone free brand at WF & it is the lowfat variety.

I also had PB&J and a Dr. Preager's Sweet Potato Pancake.

I did make it to Turbo - thanks honey for getting home a tad early. We are doing Round 34 and it ROCKS!! Josette always throws and extra Turbo section at us : ) - she likes to kick our butts. So of course I was a hungry monster so I had an apple - yeah, that was not enough. So I had some cereal - I started with a little handful but decided it needed a bowl. I am very satisfied and ready to chill out in front of the computer for a little while. I hope you all had a great day. See you in the AM.


Erica said...

Glad you're loving 34, I hope the ladies at my gym start loving it too :)Do you like the sweet potato patties? I bought the broccoli ones and they were great!

Sammie said...

They are good, but for some reason they seem a bit oily. I noticed the same thing with their Veggie Patties. Were the broccoli ones like that?
Round 34 is so fun, I love to shake it - makes me feel like more than just a mommy :)