Sunday, September 28, 2008

He likes Rice Cream

Here it is - a luscious fresh loaf of bread for my honey to make his sunbutter & jelly sandwiches for lunch this week. I love the aroma from the baking bread that filled my house today : )

My dinner was a sunflower seed butter & banana sandwich on Ezekiel bread. The veggies were dipped into jalapeƱo mustard for a little kick.

I tested the Good Karma on my little man - it was a hit - he likes rice cream.
There is a little glitch in the video - sorry. I hope you enjoy my superstar.

I'm off to finish watching Desperate Housewives. See you in the AM.


Kath said...

Hahha - cute video!! Love the Willy Wonka mention :)

Gina said...

D is sooooo cute!
that bread looks heavenly!!

hk said...

such a pie :) love it!

Anonymous said...

hahaha your son is adorable!!

and that bread looks AMAZING!

have a great night, and a wonderful Monday Sammie!!

polly said...

hi there Sammie! I love your blog, and you have a sweet family and a pumpkin little boy. He is a muffin! I have one sweet girl, but she is 12! Makes me miss her being his age again. I used to run a lot, now just teach yoga 6 days a week, but love walking and any kind of movement, too!

I also love Ezekiel bread and almond butter. mmm. I've been reading your blog for awhile, just never stopped to say hi! :)

Erica said...

hahaha- thats awesome. Rice cream huh? Do you think it tastes different?

Sammie said...

The rice cream is very similar to frozen yogurt and much more palatable than soy cream. I think it is delicious even though it was not as creamy as ice cream. I am a big fan of FY and sorbet so I think that the texture was less an issue for me than others who may find these products unpleasant. Hey, D liked it so that must say something :)