Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wow it is sooooo cold in my house this morning. I refuse to turn the heat on, but man I am freezing - good thing I have fuzzy slippers and a cozy warm robe.
I still started the day with a cool & creamy breakfast. I just might have to switch it over to hot oats now that it is so frigid. I soaked the bran in yogurt overnight, then added a banana, Kashi Heart to Heart and a tiny dot of PB. On my way home yesterday I stopped at the store and replenished my supply. I now have a jar of PB, AB and SB in my fridge : ) - I like to keep my options open.

Okay, I am back now - I had to step away for a sec. to vacuum the floor because my huz had a little accident with the hamster food while trying to feed Sir Milton. Of course I took the opportunity to hit the hallway and kitchen while I was at it. Maybe now I can finish my breakfast and coffee.
We are going to the gym in a little while - D is looking forward to playing with his buddies. Have a great day!!


VeggieGirl said...

Chilly here as well!! Brr.

Haha, I have so many types of nut and seed butters stocked, it's hilarious :0) All from Futters Nut Butters, my favorite brand!

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

awwww D has friends at the gym how cute! do they call him sonic?!!?!

shawna said...

Will you come vacuum my house...pretty please? ;)

We've never been to or heard of Honey Pot Hill...will definitely have to look it up. Thanks!

HeatherBakes said...

Haha- Sir Milton? He sounds like a very sophisticated hamster... I'm picturing him with an ascot.

Have fun at the gym!

*Erica* said...

Ahhh yes, thank you Sammie...vacuuming, amother thing I needed to do today. :-(

I wish it was chilly here. It is back to hot and humid for a few days. I'm ready for fall!

Erica said...

Thats great that D has friends at the gym! The daycare at the gym I teach at is horrible! The weather is depressing...I hope it stays warm forever :)