Friday, September 26, 2008

Divine Dessert

This afternoon D had a great time playing with his great-grampy, they were really cute together. My Nana is all curly for the reunion tomorrow. My gramps even thanked me for doing her hair for her - like I would say "NO". I packed 1/2 a TJ's greek yogurt and a Kashi granola bar for a snack while I was out.

Dinner was an egg white omelte filled with cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, Ezekiel bread with sunflower seed butter and...... apple. That's #2 of the day because I don't have any other fresh fruit to choose from. Time to get to the grocery store and restock my supply.

To satisfy my sweet tooth this evening I tried something new - Good Karma Rice Divine Carrot Cake frozen dessert. I've had soy based varieties but this was the first for a rice based treat. I actually like this much better - the flavor and texture were perfect. I was in heaven as I savored each sweet bite with an occasional chunk of cake. They have other flavors which I am looking forward to trying in the near future. I am going to to see if my little man would like to try this - I think this is a great healthy alternative to ice cream, which he is a huge fan of.

That's all the excitement for today - but I will leave you with these photos. This is what happens when daddy and D play with the camera at the dinner table.

They are a couple of funny monkeys.



Simple and Divine said...

GET YOURSELF SOME MANGOS! Cold Chopped Mango in TJ's greek is out of this WOOORLD! My dessert tonight contained those two lovemuffins along with a couple of chocolate annie's bunnies! SOooo special :) The three of us... Ahem... Had... some uh, good times (IF ya know what I mean ;) ;) )

haha, I'm such a dorkus. Your little Deacon is SO DIVINE. You should do another video post and have him make something. Or eat ice cream. Or have him TRY the icecream... Don't tell him it's Rice Cream :) See his response? Haha, JP. He's totally a cutie patoots, though! Night Sam!

VeggieGirl said...

I second Julz's suggestion above, about the mangoes - they're soooo delicious and available year round!! :0)

So glad that you guys had fun yesterday!!

Oooh, that "rice cream" flavor sounds enticing.


Gina said...

d is so incredibly cute!!!
the frozen dessert looks delicious!! i love healthy sweet treats :D
have a happy saturday!