Saturday, September 20, 2008


This afternoon we went to my huz's hometown for Applefest. D got to watch the parade and daddy got his apple pie fix. They had a huge turnout this year - the area was packed.
I woke up early this morning and was going to go out for a run but while I was eating my breakfast the little man decided to join me. He needed food and daddy was still asleep - tomorrow I will definitely run : )
For breakfast I mixed plain ff yogurt, a banana, a Weetabix biscuit, Kashi GoLean and sunflower seed butter. I also had a cup of black coffee.

I hopped on my Water Rower - I need stimulation in the AM, my body is so used to it that if I don't I get such a headache. I did 60 minutes of rowing followed by 45 minutes of lifting with my dumbbells and resistance band. I needed a snack afterwards so I had TJ's 0% greek yogurt and a few Cinnamon Puffins.

I packed a lunch to take along to the festivities today - cottage cheese, bulgur wheat, canned pumpkin and almonds. I tossed a bit of paprika, curry powder, and chili powder over the top for seasoning.

After walking around I needed a snack - MMMMMM - I love these bars.

I made a quick dinner with left overs in my fridge - falafel patty, cold brown rice (love the resistance starch), canned diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, carrots, and TJ's Chipotle Pepper Hummus.

Plus some spinach, a few almonds and Maple Grove Farms Strawberry Balsamic dressing.

We rented Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Once D is in dreamland my honey and I will be snuggling in our overstuffed chair while watching the flick. I hope you all had a great day. See you in the AM.


Charlie said...

Hey, it wasn't just apple pie! You left out the apple crisp, and the bbq brisket sandwich, and the half a hot dog that Declan didn't finish. And the frappicino.

VeggieGirl said...

AppleFest sounds like so much fun!! And mmm, that falafel with the spicy hummus sounds faaabulous.

Anonymous said...

Apple fest :-) I was in apple land yesterday too, picking what now seems like endless pounds and pounds of them. But yours sounds like it had much more entertainment - and good eats! Wow. I like your walking around lunch - how does the bulgur wheat taste in the cottage cheese? Do you cook it first? I've never tried raw bulgur...

Sammie said...

I cook the bulgur first then combine. It is kind of chewy and adds a nice nutty flavor to the mix. I love to eat grains (rice, bulgur, wheat berries) cold - they are very satisfying.