Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My little Artist

This afternoon D and I painted our salt dough pieces. I just love to watch him at work. He mixes all the colors and makes a total mess - to be expected. He talked the whole time and made up little stories about each piece he was working on. Of course one of the stars had to be Patrick from SpongeBob.

Here is the tray with all our masterpieces.

These are the flowers that I made. During our art session I had to stop for a snack. I ended up eating the Cran Lemon Zest Square from my Honest Foods samples. I loved the flavor combination and the texture was perfect. So far everything I have tried by HF has been wonderful - why did it take me so long to find them? Give them a try!!!

My dinner was kind of boring, sorry. D & I went to see my Aunt tonight, I tried to whip it up really fast so I could get out the door. I had left over sesame-soy chicken inside the mini pita, whole wheat bread with Sunflower seed butter & 1/2 a mashed banana and baby carrots.

For dessert I had frozen grapes, yeah that is frost you see on those babies. This was the first time I put my grapes in the freezer - so good, I actually had to go back for another bowl. Unfortunately, I think that was a few too many grapes at one time - luckily, I am feeling fine now.

After my little man was all tucked in bed and in dreamland I did Turbo Sculpt - still loving that DVD. I chugged a glass of skim milk when I was finished. I am now all showered and ready to relax for the evening. Ah, the sound of Sir Milton running in his wheel!!! How soothing : ) I think it is time to go upstairs for some piece and quiet. See you tomorrow.


Caitlin said...

i've never done a workout dvd, but it sounds fun! your little guy is quite the artist!

Erica said...

So what is the sunflower seed butter like? Any good? How are the nutritional stats...is it like PB or?

Sammie said...

Turbo Jam is the best - it is the only DVD that I use & the only class that I will take at my gym. It's 100 times better than kick boxing.

Sunflower seed butter is sweeter than PB. I buy organic natural PB and it has a real peanut flavor - not sweet at all. If you like sunflower seeds then I think you would like sunflower seed butter. My Huz likes it better than P'Nut B. Let me know if you try it.

HeatherBakes said...

Your crafts turned out so cute!! And to answer your question- yeah, I used the block form tempeh (from Kroger).

I need to find some of these planks...

Charlie said...

Sammie's husband here - I've tried a few sunflower seed butters and they are usually sweeter than natural pb, but on a par with Jif or Skippy-types for sweetness. However, sunflower seed butters don't seem to have all of the other processed crud that those types of pb have. They still separate, particularly when not refrigerated. Nutritionally, I think there is generally a little more sugar and similar levels of fat. However, for me the taste trumps it all.