Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Must Run

Good morning!! Well I am ready for a run - I think I am having withdrawals. D & I are going to the gym this morning no matter what!
Breakfast today was plain yogurt, oat bran, banana and 365 Organic Honey Crunch & Oats cereal.

Other than going to the gym I do not have any exciting plans for the day. I think we will just see what the day brings. Enjoy your morning.


Kate said...

I am having running withdrawls too. But my knee acted up and that's why I am taking three days off. It has been difficult on me, but reading your recent posts just made me realize that sometimes life happens and you can't always stick to the schedule. I plan on running tomorrow with a stronger knee!!

HeatherBakes said...

Enjoy the run!! I'm finally getting back into my running schedule and realize how much I missed it.

Fitnessista said...

hope you have a fabulous run!!! i did this morning, and i feel so refreshed :) have a wonderful day!

Sammie said...

Kate- I used to stress when I did not get to do the workout that I planned on doing for that day but now that I have D he comes first. I learned to improvise with equipment & DVDs that I have here at home - I really found some great tools that give me an awesome workout. I hope your knee feels better, enjoy your run.

Heather- Thanks, 4 miles did the trick!! Happy running!

Fitnessista- I agree with you, running is so refreshing. Enjoy your day!!