Thursday, August 21, 2008

Java Oats

It is so chilly in my house this morning - I actually had to wear my bathrobe & slippers. Seeing as I was frosty to the core I made a warm bowl of oat bran this morning - nice change. I saw a yummy recipe that mixed coffee and oats by Caitlin the other day and decide to try it for myself. I mixed oat bran and water then nuked it for a few minutes. I then added some vanilla protein powder (1/2 scoop), a small scoop of instant hazelnut coffee - tossed it back in to cook till thick & creamy. I let it cool of for a bit before adding Kashi Go-Lean Crunch and some almonds. It was a very hearty breakfast which is good because I am off to clean my sister-in-law's house this morning.

I am not sure what time I will post this afternoon, sorry in advance for any delays today. I will be packing a lunch - maybe SB&J on Ezekiel bread, fruit & veggies. I must make sure to take enough eats because cleaning sure does gobble up them calories. Well everyone enjoy the day, tomorrow is Friday, yeah - I get to meet Kath & Tina (I feel like I am meeting the stars of the blogworld).


HeatherBakes said...

Can you please come clean my house afterwards?? J/K- have a great day :)

Erica said...

Have fun with Kath and Tina- that is so fun!

Sammie said...

Heather if we lived closer I would clean your house - me & Chloe would have some fun!!