Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water Country!

What a day!!! We had a blast at Water Country in Portsmouth NH. This was D's first water slide experience and he did great. I thought he might be a little afraid because you have to climb up pretty high to the reach the top of the slide, and he has never been a man for great heights. We tackled the park with gusto, frying the bottoms of our feet in the process.
I started my day with an oat bran cake that I made in the microwave. I mixed 1/3 cup oat bran, 2 egg whites, 1/2 tsp baking powder & 1/3 tsp vanilla in a micro. safe (glass) bowl. I nuked it for 3 minutes, checked the consistency but it needed another minute. Once it was cooked I removed it from the bowl - it stayed in a nice cake form - then I topped it with banana slices. I also had some almonds on the side.

I packed some food just in case we needed some eats. I had a Chobani f.f. plain yogurt & a Kashi Chewy granola bar (that was my lunch). My guys partook in a ever so healthy slab of fried dough (yes, that ended up being their lunch). Here is me and D at the start of our water extravaganza.

After 5 hours of splashing fun D was crabby (needed to drop a deuce but the child refuses to use the potty) Charlie & and I were in dire need of sustenance and or feet had been scalded & scraped by the concrete pathways. We decided to break out the GPS and find a place were we could get a sandwich. We ended up going to Moe's Italian Sandwiches near Portsmouth's Market Square. I was disappointed that they only make their sandwiches on a white sub roll - I like whole grains. I had a turkey, tomato, pickle & mustard sub. It was ok - I just really needed food and I was not in the mood to make my guys search for another option, especially not being that familiar with the area.

After the sandwiches we walked around a bit and checked out a few stores. I found the shoes - oh yes, it was inevitable. Mommy did not make any purchases but I would have really liked to add this pair to my extensive collection.

Of course we found the ice cream joints - we are an ice cream loving family. My guys got theirs from Annabelle's Ice Cream. Here they are enjoying their chilly treat.

I got mine from Izzy's Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream. Inside that cup is a blended creation - I actually made up my own. It is nonfat vanilla soft serve blended with a few strawberries, 1/4 banana, a squirt of chocolate sauce & crushed up sugar cone. They whirl it all together which adds lots of air to the ice cream and it gets really creamy. It melted quickly so it ended up being kind of soupy - but delicious.

So on our way home the man was still complaining about the poop that needed to make an escape. I swear this kid needs to use the toilet but he is so stubborn. He has had success in the past but decided he liked having crap smeared on his bum much better - or maybe he just likes me wiping his a** so much that he just can't give it up. Anyway we had to pull off the highway so the kid could get out of the car and do his business. We drove to an industrial park - the closest parking lot we could find - he did his duty and mama had to change him in the grassy knoll outside the office buildings. Finally peace was restored to D intestines and we had a joyous ride home.
Surprisingly he was in bed at a halfway decent time without any fuss. I think he was asleep even before I made it down the stairs. We really wore him out today.
I needed a snack and PB was calling my name. I had some & also a little SunButter which did end up on a piece of Ezekiel bread.

I then did an awesome cardio mixology routine for over an hour. This is how it went:
15 min. Water Rower
1 min. jumping rope (I simulate the movement without a rope), 30 sec. jumping jacks & 30. sec. high knees - do this 3 times (6 min. total)
15 min. Water Rower
repeat Jumping rope, jacks, high knees 3 times (6 min.)
10 min Water Rower
repeat Jumping rope, jacks, high knees 3 times (6 min.)
10 min. Water Rower
Upper body weight training using dumb bells
10 min. Water Rower
After showering I had to tend to my house keeping duties. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Then I really wanted to get all the wet clothes from today into the wash so I had to do some laundry. If there is anything else I forgot to do it can wait until tomorrow. I really wanted to blog - it relaxes me. Now I am ready for bed - I guarantee tonight will be a good sleep. Only one more day of vaca. for the Huz and I am not sure what we are going to do - maybe nothing. This past week has been a busy one so a day of recovery might be a good thing. See you in the AM. Good night!

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HeatherBakes said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm cracking up at the deuce situation- my brother was like that, too. My mom eventually had to negotiate with/bribe him with some GI Joe toy to get him to finally use the potty. Maybe it's a boy thing?