Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Uploading Issues

Well for some reason Blogger is having some technical issues. I am unable to upload a picture of my super delicious bowl of oar bran - I am sure you can imagine what it looks like, if not just check my past breakfast posts. Today my mix was simple, just oat bran, yogurt and a banana. It was creamy and filling - yummy for my tummy.
We are off to the gym this morning - I am ready even though I was just there last night (D has already struck a nerve - a little run will fix that). Hopefully playing with some friends will get D out of his most annoying crabby state - a monster child greeted me this morning - that happens from time to time.
I will be back later - hopefully with pictures. Enjoy Wednesday morning!!

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HeatherBakes said...

Ha! I'm the same way with running, only it improves my mood when my HUSBAND is being a pain, not my child :) Hey, it works!

Sorry about the blogger problems- that's annoying.