Monday, July 28, 2008

Salsa Burger

Tonight I really did not want to go out to dinner - Charlie will have to wait for another night. My guys had smoked salmon - yes D is still digging it. I made myself a turkey burger with salsa and a few extra splashes of Franks Red Hot for more heat & spice. I served it on a toasted Thomas' English muffin. I also chopped up some zucchini & carrots for some veg.

Dessert was Cyclops Strawberry Frozen Greek yogurt, Alden's Blackberry ice cream, 2 Savoiardi Ladyfinger biscuits and sprinkles (another Whole Foods purchase from the Huz last night). Yum, yum, yum!!!

I am shocked at how late it is - where did the day go. Tomorrow we are going to try to hit the water park. D is pretty excited so I hope the weather cooperates. We have a bit of a drive (over an hour) so the plan is to be out the door at 8 - yeah right. I will try to think positive -we can do it - just keep telling myself that and maybe it will happen. I will try to post before we leave but if not then I will end up with one long recap at the end of the day. Sorry, I know my posting has been a little off during Charlie's vacation - only a few days left, then things will be back to a more normal routine.
Time to get some rest for the busy day tomorrow. Good night!

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HeatherBakes said...

I didn't know that they even made frozen Greek yogurt... sounds yummy.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for you guys. Have fun!