Friday, July 25, 2008

Now That's a GOOD Day!

Oh my goodness WHAT A DAY. Lot's to tell and plenty of pictures.
On the drive to Cape Cod I ate an apple & some almonds.

A nice mid morning snack !!

We started our day in the Cape at the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before - Charlie is a huge chip lover. I think it is his life goal to try every brand and variety of chip that exists - Cape Cod Chips happen to be his favorite. We did the self guided tour which showed the production process from start to finish - very cool.

D with his free sample - they were the cutes little baggies. I am not a chip eater this was purely a treat for the hubby & D.

For lunch we went to the Naked Oyster Bistro & Raw Bar. Charlie found the place on-line and thought that the menu sounded interesting so we decided to try it out.
Charlie ordered cedar planked vegetables as an appetizer - I had a couple beans, asparagus, a shallot and 2 garlic cloves - very tasty.

His meal was a kobe flank steak sandwich which was served on lavash bread that had melted cheese & caramelized onions on it. It was much smaller than he had hoped, but the flavor met his expectations.

D had a flat bread which just had melted cheese on it. He was not very pleased at all with this "pizza". The good news is the chef did not charge us for it because he said it was such a simple dish - no one ever gives food away.

I ordered one of their specials which was grilled swordfish served over a house salad. I was expecting more veggies - cuke, tomato and greens is not my idea of a salad. The fish was very good but I did not find it very filling. But not to worry, we found something to take care of that.

Caffe Gelato Bertini was on the way to our next destination so we stopped in for a creamy treat. Lucky for me they make it all with hormone free dairy. I had a scoop of Banana and a scoop of Cafe Espresso in the same bowl which mixed together perfectly. The Banana was actually my favorite of the 2, it tasted like the best banana cream pie. Charlie had Mascarpone Coffee Crunch but after sampling my Banana he wished that he had ordered it for himself. D got Chocolate - he is a chocoholic!!! Off to the high seas.

Our next stop was Pirate Adventures which was a sail on a pirate ship with interactive fun.

My little pirate ready for departure.

The kiddies got to construct a map, look for treasure and fight a greedy pirate. Here is D with some of his loot.

Yes there is still more!! Once back on land we drove to the Cape Cod Canal bike path so D could practice riding his new wheels. I brought my roller blades - an hour of that is a pretty decent workout.

Lookout a new driver is on the road. He is actually getting pretty good at riding.

I did end up needing a snack on the way home - thankfully I brought a Kashi Chewy granola bar & a 6 oz. F.F. plain yogurt (sorry no pic).
Back at home I was not in the mood to cook so I just had PB & J on one slice of bread and SunButter & Jelly on the other slice.

For veggies I had some leftover roasted zucchini & baby carrot sticks.

Then I ended with a total sugar load - Lucky Charms & PB Puffins. I stole the Lucky Charms from D - he had no idea but I am sure he would not have approved.

Then mommy was in much need of a run (alone time), so run I did. I did a spectacular 8 miler - thank you carbs. I swear it was the Charms - total sugar rush. I could have actually gone longer but it was dark by the time I finished. I was risking my life out there - I had to jump onto the grass twice - I was almost road kill.
So that was my day peeps - family fun to the max!!!! Time to relax and start all over again tomorrow.
Lastly here is a funny story: D was having a drinkable yogurt this evening and he said to me & Charlie "Why isn't this Danimals taking me to a block party?" He was referring, for those who haven't seen it, to the Danimals commercial where you can win a party with a featured teeny-bopper star. We got a kick out of it.
Ok, now I am calling it a day. See you tomorrow.

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