Monday, July 28, 2008

Lord of the Horseflies

I enjoy being one with nature but I HATE horseflies. We decided to go for a nice hike this afternoon. Well nice it was not - the horseflies were relentless. I applied Skin So Soft as a repellent to my guys & myself but they would not leave our heads alone. Actually the bugs were not bothering D so maybe Charlie & I were just high enough for them to attack. On hour of that was all we could handle. Here we are before the hike - clean & not sweating. Afterwards we all were a mess!!

The State Park we went to is really big but unfortunately the bugs kept us from staying to long. After the hike I had a nice juicy peach for a snack (no pic.)

Before the hike I had lunch which was a nice salad.

A piece of Ezekiel bread topped with an egg & Franks Red Hot. Plus a piece of whole wheat bread & a tbls of Peanut Butter.

Last night Charlie bought the cinnamon variety of Taza chocolate. The vanilla is so awesome I knew this was not going to be disappointing - it is delicious.

I had 2 triangles of each flavor. I like to let the chocolate melt on my tongue which allows it to get nice and creamy.

It is time to see what my guys want for dinner. Charlie keeps asking to go out to dinner but I have been trying to save money and make things at home. He has been craving fried chicken or a big juicy hamburger (he wants to try Red Robin). I can make him a burger but definitely not as large as R.R. I hate to frying things so he will have to satisfy that craving somewhere else. I know, what a horrible wife.

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