Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Colorful Lunch

Today has been a pretty low key day. I think Charlie just wants to enjoy a nice easy day before heading back to work tomorrow - I don't blame him. I went to the gym and left my guys home so they could continue their father/son bonding time.
For lunch I made a very colorful plate of veggies that I toped with some Frank's Red Hot & a little drizzle of Maple Grove Farms dressing. I had 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread, one topped with a tbls of PB, the other a piece of cheese.

I ended the meal with a sweet & juicy apple.

We are going to walk up to the bookstore in a little while. We are lucky enough to live about a mile away from a Barnes & Noble - we both love bookstores. Tonight we are going to try a new restaurant for dinner - more on that later tonight. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.


Rachel said...

hmmmmm I've never thought of using Frank's on veggies. Maybe I'll try it....

Sammie said...

I am addicted to Frank's - I put it on eggs, sandwiches & veggies. It adds such a good punch of heat without being unbearable.