Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to my Routine

Good morning!!! I slept so good last night and now this morning I feel very refreshed. I had a hard time getting a good sleep when I was in ME because the bed I was sleeping on was a little hard and I am used to my comfy pillow top mattress plus sleeping without my Charlie felt strange. I loved being with my mommy but there really is no place like home.
For breakfast this morning I cooked a bowl of oat bran with some milk. I wanted to add some crunch to it and Charlie bought Newman's Own Sweet Enough Flakes & Strawberries to try while I was away so I tossed 3/4 cup worth into the bowl.

The strawberries were freeze dried so they had an interesting texture. I liked the fact that the cereal was sweet (not too sweet) and does not contain HFCS. The fiber and protein count is a little low in my opinion but since I mixed it with milk & oat bran my bowl had a decent amount of both. Over all the cereal was good but not something that I would buy for myself.

I can not wait to go to the gym, I am so ready for a good workout. I was able to get in a 5 mile run last light after Charlie got in from work - much needed after a 6 hour car ride. D is actually still asleep - he was a busy man while we were away. I desperately need to go to the grocery store today - I have the saddest looking fridge. I think Charlie bought a few things so that he could feed himself, mostly sandwiches & salad - he is not a cook. Here is the best news, today Charlie has to go into work but then starting tomorrow until next Wed. he is off, I am so happy that he is actually taking a week off. Now we need to think about what to do for his vacation week - any suggestions (possibly things that won't break the bank).
Glad to be back to my routine, I love my simple life!!!

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HeatherBakes said...

Welcome back! We missed you!

Wait, Newman's Own makes cereal now?? Where did you find it? I've had Cheerios with the freeze dried berries before- I think it's better without milk. The berries get kind of gummy or something when wet.