Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Great Find

Our final day of Daddy's vacation was great even though it didn't involve a huge adventure. We ended up hanging out at the bookstore for 2.5 hrs. D likes to play with the Thomas the Tank Engine train table that is set up in the children's department. Charlie flipped through a few magazines that he wanted to purchase and I checked out the Art section (still trying to design my new ink). I had some luck but I think I am leaning more toward a flower design now rather than birds - still a work in progress. We got home around 4 o'clock and I really needed a snack. I did not want to eat too much because we had plans to go out to Noon Hill Grill, a fairly new restaurant that we have never been to before. I had a plain yogurt with some veggies. I used the yogurt like a dip - so good.

We decided to get dresses up tonight - something mommy never gets to do. I put on a new dress (first time wearing it) and one of my favorite pairs of heels.

D took this picture of mommy & daddy.

D actually ordered a hamburger - he ate half - more than I thought he would eat.

Charlie ordered Fried Chicken - huge portion, unfortunately bits of the chicken were dried out. Regardless he did enjoy his meal.

I ordered the Turkey Kabobs which came with zucchini & summer squash then served over rice pilaf, which I hate. I was able to sub. steamed broccoli for the rice. Thankfully it came without butter (just as I asked). I was very pleased with my meal - nice flavors & very healthy.

Of course we had dessert - a brownie sundae. We all had our fair share of this. Overall we were very pleased with another great find. It is nice to have more than one local restaurant to dine out at. We will be returning to the Noon Hill Grill to try some of their other menu selections.

So ends the Huz's vacation - it was fun!!! We are still planning a few fun things to do on the weekends over the next few weeks so no need to worry that the fun is over. I will definitely post about those adventures as they approach. I am off to chill out in bed - maybe read or watch some TV. Have a great night, see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Yumm that restaurant looks really good! Is it far outside of Boston? I can't go to ABP every time I go out to eat..

And btw - you look great in the new dress! And I really love that blue/white bracelet you're wearing on your right arm..

Anonymous said...

cute dress & heels!

d is a very good picture taker ~ impressive :D

MizFit said...

how cute are YOU!
which all makes me think I mightshould get gussied up with my ToddlerGurl as well.

my husband would be shocked Im certain :)

in a good way...

Sammie said...

The Noon Hill Grill is probably 35 -40 minutes outside of the city. It is in the town of Medfield - really easy to find. BTW you do not have to dress fancy - casual would be just fine.
Thanks for the compliments - it is a rare opportunity for me to get dresses up but it feels so nice to get all snazzy from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Your order sounds exactly like me when I go to a restaurant, I always sub brocc for the rice (which I am not a fan of) and make sure to twell them 10x not in butter. Youlook great!

HeatherBakes said...

That B&N train table has saved me many a day when nanny-ing.

LOVE the dress! What a gorgeous family!

Tina said...

Love the dress and heels!

Your son is soooo cute! :)