Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Day of Fun

Hi everyone, sorry this is the first time posting today - Family Fun kept me busy.
I went to the gym this morning and got in a nice workout before we headed out for our fun filled day. I made a bowl of oat bran (cooked with water) which I added an apple to it. I microwaved the apple by itself before adding it to the oat bran then sprinkled on some cinnamon. I had a cup of milk on the side which I did end up adding some to the hot cereal to think it out a bit because it was a tad dry when I took it out of the microwave. And for a change this morning I had a cup of Chai tea (made from a tea bag not the liquid kind). Some of my milk went into that as well.

Me & my guys then took a drive into Boston to go check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of exhibits they have for you to explore. We had a great time. My favorite part of the museum was the birds - there are hundreds of birds on display from all over the world. I packed things for us to eat just in case we didn't feel like eating out. I had a piece of string cheese, 1/2 oz almonds, Stonyfield Raspberry yogurt, Kashi Chewy granola bar and a banana. The cheese & almonds was a morning snack and the rest of my food was my lunch.
When I got home I made a quick salad using bagged greens, broccoli slaw mix, carrots, 8 almonds and chicken. I dressed it with my favorite Maple Grove Farms dressing. I also toasted a Thomas' English Muffin which I had with a piece of cheese. I put some chicken on the english muffin and ate it like a sandwich.

My honey just ran out to get some ice cream so I can make him a milk shake & he is going to bring something back for me. I requested some strawberry sorbet or strawberry frozen yogurt - I will report on that later or tomorrow. I would like to watch the last episode of Next Food Network Star but that might be too late for mama to stay awake. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


HeatherBakes said...

You guys do the best stuff! Museums, potato chip factory tours... D is a lucky kid!

Sammie said...

Thanks, we try to do stuff that all of us will enjoy.