Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turbo Jam

Before I get to the fun part of my evening I will recap dinner. I wanted to try pumpkin and black beans after reading the combination on one of my favorite blogs, For the Love of Oats, last night. I mixed 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1/2 cup black beans (drained & rinsed) with 1/2 cup Low sodium Organic Chicken stock & a few splashes of Frank's Red Hot. The outcome was delicious & quite filling.

I also had a Thomas' English muffin with PB.

To end on a sweeter note, but healthier than my previous days choices (I ate way too much ice cream on Charlie's vacation) I had a cup of non-fat plain yogurt and a serving (as suggested on the box) of Nature's Promise Organic Honey Graham Sticks.

Now the fun part. I ordered Turbo Jam on DVD - yes I am now in heaven. I love the class but I am not always able to make it there in time (Charlie gets home too late) so no need to worry anymore because I can just have my own Jam session right here at home. I had to try it out this evening of course.

Well let me just say it is AWESOME!!! I worked up a really good sweat and I could feel the intensity of the workout even thought I was following a DVD. If you are looking for a great workout that you can do at home then definitely get yourself this.

It is late and I have a little project that I am working on for Kath's most creative oatmeal contest. See you in the AM.

She is a Cutie

I just love babies, they are so soft and cuddly. D & I went to meet Julianna this afternoon - she is so cute!! Here is my friend Jimmy, the proud new daddy.

I lover her chubby cheeks. I got to hold her - it feels like so long ago that I had a little peanut.

Lunch this afternoon was a salad made with broccoli slaw, spinach, zucchini and pumpkin seeds. I drizzled some Franks & Maple Grove dressing over the top. I also had 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread. On one piece there was cheddar cheese & the other provolone (I found Organic Valley at Stop & Shop). I also had sweet & juicy apple slices to end out the meal.

I am off to make dinner. See you tonight.

Return of the Dynamic Duo

Today it is back to work for the Huz - at least it is a short week. My side kick & I will be resuming our normal routine of going to the gym this morning. For breakfast I made hot oat bran with a little water & milk. After it was cooked I mashed in a banana and 2 Weetabix biscuits then tossed on a few almonds.

My oldest friend (I have known him my whole life - our mothers have been friends since childhood) became a Daddy yesterday. I am going to visit them at the hospital this afternoon other than that I am not sure what's going on today. Enjoy your morning!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Great Find

Our final day of Daddy's vacation was great even though it didn't involve a huge adventure. We ended up hanging out at the bookstore for 2.5 hrs. D likes to play with the Thomas the Tank Engine train table that is set up in the children's department. Charlie flipped through a few magazines that he wanted to purchase and I checked out the Art section (still trying to design my new ink). I had some luck but I think I am leaning more toward a flower design now rather than birds - still a work in progress. We got home around 4 o'clock and I really needed a snack. I did not want to eat too much because we had plans to go out to Noon Hill Grill, a fairly new restaurant that we have never been to before. I had a plain yogurt with some veggies. I used the yogurt like a dip - so good.

We decided to get dresses up tonight - something mommy never gets to do. I put on a new dress (first time wearing it) and one of my favorite pairs of heels.

D took this picture of mommy & daddy.

D actually ordered a hamburger - he ate half - more than I thought he would eat.

Charlie ordered Fried Chicken - huge portion, unfortunately bits of the chicken were dried out. Regardless he did enjoy his meal.

I ordered the Turkey Kabobs which came with zucchini & summer squash then served over rice pilaf, which I hate. I was able to sub. steamed broccoli for the rice. Thankfully it came without butter (just as I asked). I was very pleased with my meal - nice flavors & very healthy.

Of course we had dessert - a brownie sundae. We all had our fair share of this. Overall we were very pleased with another great find. It is nice to have more than one local restaurant to dine out at. We will be returning to the Noon Hill Grill to try some of their other menu selections.

So ends the Huz's vacation - it was fun!!! We are still planning a few fun things to do on the weekends over the next few weeks so no need to worry that the fun is over. I will definitely post about those adventures as they approach. I am off to chill out in bed - maybe read or watch some TV. Have a great night, see you tomorrow!

Colorful Lunch

Today has been a pretty low key day. I think Charlie just wants to enjoy a nice easy day before heading back to work tomorrow - I don't blame him. I went to the gym and left my guys home so they could continue their father/son bonding time.
For lunch I made a very colorful plate of veggies that I toped with some Frank's Red Hot & a little drizzle of Maple Grove Farms dressing. I had 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread, one topped with a tbls of PB, the other a piece of cheese.

I ended the meal with a sweet & juicy apple.

We are going to walk up to the bookstore in a little while. We are lucky enough to live about a mile away from a Barnes & Noble - we both love bookstores. Tonight we are going to try a new restaurant for dinner - more on that later tonight. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

Last Day

Today is Charlie's last day of vacation, boo-hoo! Our family adventures have been so much fun - we are always on the hunt for interesting things to do and I think we totally achieved that during this vacation. Between this past week and the visit to ME, D has had quite the jam packed exciting month of July.
I made a microwaved pancake again this morning - I really like this combination. I used 3 egg whites this morning (yesterday I used 2), 1/3 cup oat bran, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp vanilla and a banana. For some crunch I tossed in 1/2 oz of almonds on the side.

Time to get the day going - maybe a workout at the gym. I'll be back later. Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water Country!

What a day!!! We had a blast at Water Country in Portsmouth NH. This was D's first water slide experience and he did great. I thought he might be a little afraid because you have to climb up pretty high to the reach the top of the slide, and he has never been a man for great heights. We tackled the park with gusto, frying the bottoms of our feet in the process.
I started my day with an oat bran cake that I made in the microwave. I mixed 1/3 cup oat bran, 2 egg whites, 1/2 tsp baking powder & 1/3 tsp vanilla in a micro. safe (glass) bowl. I nuked it for 3 minutes, checked the consistency but it needed another minute. Once it was cooked I removed it from the bowl - it stayed in a nice cake form - then I topped it with banana slices. I also had some almonds on the side.

I packed some food just in case we needed some eats. I had a Chobani f.f. plain yogurt & a Kashi Chewy granola bar (that was my lunch). My guys partook in a ever so healthy slab of fried dough (yes, that ended up being their lunch). Here is me and D at the start of our water extravaganza.

After 5 hours of splashing fun D was crabby (needed to drop a deuce but the child refuses to use the potty) Charlie & and I were in dire need of sustenance and or feet had been scalded & scraped by the concrete pathways. We decided to break out the GPS and find a place were we could get a sandwich. We ended up going to Moe's Italian Sandwiches near Portsmouth's Market Square. I was disappointed that they only make their sandwiches on a white sub roll - I like whole grains. I had a turkey, tomato, pickle & mustard sub. It was ok - I just really needed food and I was not in the mood to make my guys search for another option, especially not being that familiar with the area.

After the sandwiches we walked around a bit and checked out a few stores. I found the shoes - oh yes, it was inevitable. Mommy did not make any purchases but I would have really liked to add this pair to my extensive collection.

Of course we found the ice cream joints - we are an ice cream loving family. My guys got theirs from Annabelle's Ice Cream. Here they are enjoying their chilly treat.

I got mine from Izzy's Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream. Inside that cup is a blended creation - I actually made up my own. It is nonfat vanilla soft serve blended with a few strawberries, 1/4 banana, a squirt of chocolate sauce & crushed up sugar cone. They whirl it all together which adds lots of air to the ice cream and it gets really creamy. It melted quickly so it ended up being kind of soupy - but delicious.

So on our way home the man was still complaining about the poop that needed to make an escape. I swear this kid needs to use the toilet but he is so stubborn. He has had success in the past but decided he liked having crap smeared on his bum much better - or maybe he just likes me wiping his a** so much that he just can't give it up. Anyway we had to pull off the highway so the kid could get out of the car and do his business. We drove to an industrial park - the closest parking lot we could find - he did his duty and mama had to change him in the grassy knoll outside the office buildings. Finally peace was restored to D intestines and we had a joyous ride home.
Surprisingly he was in bed at a halfway decent time without any fuss. I think he was asleep even before I made it down the stairs. We really wore him out today.
I needed a snack and PB was calling my name. I had some & also a little SunButter which did end up on a piece of Ezekiel bread.

I then did an awesome cardio mixology routine for over an hour. This is how it went:
15 min. Water Rower
1 min. jumping rope (I simulate the movement without a rope), 30 sec. jumping jacks & 30. sec. high knees - do this 3 times (6 min. total)
15 min. Water Rower
repeat Jumping rope, jacks, high knees 3 times (6 min.)
10 min Water Rower
repeat Jumping rope, jacks, high knees 3 times (6 min.)
10 min. Water Rower
Upper body weight training using dumb bells
10 min. Water Rower
After showering I had to tend to my house keeping duties. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Then I really wanted to get all the wet clothes from today into the wash so I had to do some laundry. If there is anything else I forgot to do it can wait until tomorrow. I really wanted to blog - it relaxes me. Now I am ready for bed - I guarantee tonight will be a good sleep. Only one more day of vaca. for the Huz and I am not sure what we are going to do - maybe nothing. This past week has been a busy one so a day of recovery might be a good thing. See you in the AM. Good night!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Salsa Burger

Tonight I really did not want to go out to dinner - Charlie will have to wait for another night. My guys had smoked salmon - yes D is still digging it. I made myself a turkey burger with salsa and a few extra splashes of Franks Red Hot for more heat & spice. I served it on a toasted Thomas' English muffin. I also chopped up some zucchini & carrots for some veg.

Dessert was Cyclops Strawberry Frozen Greek yogurt, Alden's Blackberry ice cream, 2 Savoiardi Ladyfinger biscuits and sprinkles (another Whole Foods purchase from the Huz last night). Yum, yum, yum!!!

I am shocked at how late it is - where did the day go. Tomorrow we are going to try to hit the water park. D is pretty excited so I hope the weather cooperates. We have a bit of a drive (over an hour) so the plan is to be out the door at 8 - yeah right. I will try to think positive -we can do it - just keep telling myself that and maybe it will happen. I will try to post before we leave but if not then I will end up with one long recap at the end of the day. Sorry, I know my posting has been a little off during Charlie's vacation - only a few days left, then things will be back to a more normal routine.
Time to get some rest for the busy day tomorrow. Good night!

Lord of the Horseflies

I enjoy being one with nature but I HATE horseflies. We decided to go for a nice hike this afternoon. Well nice it was not - the horseflies were relentless. I applied Skin So Soft as a repellent to my guys & myself but they would not leave our heads alone. Actually the bugs were not bothering D so maybe Charlie & I were just high enough for them to attack. On hour of that was all we could handle. Here we are before the hike - clean & not sweating. Afterwards we all were a mess!!

The State Park we went to is really big but unfortunately the bugs kept us from staying to long. After the hike I had a nice juicy peach for a snack (no pic.)

Before the hike I had lunch which was a nice salad.

A piece of Ezekiel bread topped with an egg & Franks Red Hot. Plus a piece of whole wheat bread & a tbls of Peanut Butter.

Last night Charlie bought the cinnamon variety of Taza chocolate. The vanilla is so awesome I knew this was not going to be disappointing - it is delicious.

I had 2 triangles of each flavor. I like to let the chocolate melt on my tongue which allows it to get nice and creamy.

It is time to see what my guys want for dinner. Charlie keeps asking to go out to dinner but I have been trying to save money and make things at home. He has been craving fried chicken or a big juicy hamburger (he wants to try Red Robin). I can make him a burger but definitely not as large as R.R. I hate to frying things so he will have to satisfy that craving somewhere else. I know, what a horrible wife.

Oat Bran Pancakes

Good morning! I slept in this morning - much needed catch-up. I decided to make myself something different for breakfast and wanted to use my oat bran. I love Kath's oatmeal pancake recipe so I thought why not sub the oat bran for the oatmeal. My new recipe is 1/3 cup oat bran, 3 egg whites, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon. I chopped an apple then softened it in the microwave for 1.5 min. I topped each pancake (this made 2) with the apples, then flipped the cakes to cook on the other side. And here is the finished product........

So delicious, I will be making this again very soon. I could even do a savory version for lunch or dinner - oh the possibilities are endless!!
Last night I mentioned that Charlie was running out for a treat, well he went to Whole Foods and let me just say Whole Foods will never let you down.
He came back with Cyclops frozen yogurt for me. Now I have never had this before but he knows how much love greek yogurt. It is really creamy and honestly it tasted much better than I thought it would. It has a bitter flavor but then the strawberry topping adds just enough sweetness. If you like plain yogurt then this is a good option to try.

He also bought Alden's Blackberry ice cream. I had to sample this and let me tell you it is the best Berry ice cream. Black Raspberry is a favorite of mine so I knew I would love this one and that I did. My honey did a good job!!

Well the morning is quickly flying by - that seems to be happening since Charlie's been on vacation. They are predicting thunder storms later today so our plan of going to Water Country in NH will just have to be delayed a day. Time to get the guys together and see what our new plan is going to be. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Day of Fun

Hi everyone, sorry this is the first time posting today - Family Fun kept me busy.
I went to the gym this morning and got in a nice workout before we headed out for our fun filled day. I made a bowl of oat bran (cooked with water) which I added an apple to it. I microwaved the apple by itself before adding it to the oat bran then sprinkled on some cinnamon. I had a cup of milk on the side which I did end up adding some to the hot cereal to think it out a bit because it was a tad dry when I took it out of the microwave. And for a change this morning I had a cup of Chai tea (made from a tea bag not the liquid kind). Some of my milk went into that as well.

Me & my guys then took a drive into Boston to go check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of exhibits they have for you to explore. We had a great time. My favorite part of the museum was the birds - there are hundreds of birds on display from all over the world. I packed things for us to eat just in case we didn't feel like eating out. I had a piece of string cheese, 1/2 oz almonds, Stonyfield Raspberry yogurt, Kashi Chewy granola bar and a banana. The cheese & almonds was a morning snack and the rest of my food was my lunch.
When I got home I made a quick salad using bagged greens, broccoli slaw mix, carrots, 8 almonds and chicken. I dressed it with my favorite Maple Grove Farms dressing. I also toasted a Thomas' English Muffin which I had with a piece of cheese. I put some chicken on the english muffin and ate it like a sandwich.

My honey just ran out to get some ice cream so I can make him a milk shake & he is going to bring something back for me. I requested some strawberry sorbet or strawberry frozen yogurt - I will report on that later or tomorrow. I would like to watch the last episode of Next Food Network Star but that might be too late for mama to stay awake. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mama Wants some New Ink

Hello friends!! I am going to share with you my latest business. My birthday is in a few weeks - yes another year closer to 30 - damn I think I just got another wrinkle and 30 new gray hairs. So the Huz - oooh that makes him sound so bad a**, anyway he asked me what I want. Well mama needs some new ink but Mr. needs a little convincing since my dude charges some serious scratch - that's right I called him mine but really anyone can go to him. Peeps I am an artist and I refuse to go let some stupid head who woke up one day and thought "I will tattoo people for a living, yeah that makes me cool" trace a photo copy of some junky design that half the state of MA has on their person. I go to an ARTIST who actually has a clue what the hell he is doing. Hey if I am going to have something on my body for the rest of my life - I do plan on sticking around this place for a good long time - so my ink can't be trash. It has been a few years since the last one so it is about time I went back for a little self torture. I still have not fallen in love with anything in particular but I know what I want. I am trying to design something with influences from the Art Nouveau era and has a bird or birds in it. I want it to fit on my right shoulder - kind of like a cap-sleeve. I simply will not settle for anything but the best!!! I will let you know how things turn out.

Breakfast this morning was yogurt, oat bran & PB Puffins.

Around 10 I decided to go run my tush off again - well the booty is still there, if I got rid of it the Huz would disown me. He will settle for a flat chest but not a flat a** - hey I need to give him something to roll his eyes around. Just so you know how bootilicious he finds me check out the proof I found on my camera last night when I downloaded my photos. This is what he was doing while I was doing some blading. BTW I did another 8 miler.

I find pictures of my rear end on the camera all the time - he is a sneaky little devil. I am sometimes amazed at the poses he can catch me in - I didn't even know my body did that.

For lunch today I tried a new brand of tuna that I found at Whole Foods the other day. This was so good. The tuna stayed in large chunks and it was not at all fishy. It is a little pricey but definitely worth it.

I mixed the tuna with an apple, 1/4 cup cooked brown rice (it was cold), a mini box of raisins and 1/2 oz. chopped walnuts. Super delicious!!

I also had some raw baby carrots.

The sun is shining and it is a hot one here in good old Bellingham. I am not sure what the rest of the day is going to be like but I know there is laundry to be done - yeah fun, fun, fun I just love laundry - not really. Enjoy your day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Now That's a GOOD Day!

Oh my goodness WHAT A DAY. Lot's to tell and plenty of pictures.
On the drive to Cape Cod I ate an apple & some almonds.

A nice mid morning snack !!

We started our day in the Cape at the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before - Charlie is a huge chip lover. I think it is his life goal to try every brand and variety of chip that exists - Cape Cod Chips happen to be his favorite. We did the self guided tour which showed the production process from start to finish - very cool.

D with his free sample - they were the cutes little baggies. I am not a chip eater this was purely a treat for the hubby & D.

For lunch we went to the Naked Oyster Bistro & Raw Bar. Charlie found the place on-line and thought that the menu sounded interesting so we decided to try it out.
Charlie ordered cedar planked vegetables as an appetizer - I had a couple beans, asparagus, a shallot and 2 garlic cloves - very tasty.

His meal was a kobe flank steak sandwich which was served on lavash bread that had melted cheese & caramelized onions on it. It was much smaller than he had hoped, but the flavor met his expectations.

D had a flat bread which just had melted cheese on it. He was not very pleased at all with this "pizza". The good news is the chef did not charge us for it because he said it was such a simple dish - no one ever gives food away.

I ordered one of their specials which was grilled swordfish served over a house salad. I was expecting more veggies - cuke, tomato and greens is not my idea of a salad. The fish was very good but I did not find it very filling. But not to worry, we found something to take care of that.

Caffe Gelato Bertini was on the way to our next destination so we stopped in for a creamy treat. Lucky for me they make it all with hormone free dairy. I had a scoop of Banana and a scoop of Cafe Espresso in the same bowl which mixed together perfectly. The Banana was actually my favorite of the 2, it tasted like the best banana cream pie. Charlie had Mascarpone Coffee Crunch but after sampling my Banana he wished that he had ordered it for himself. D got Chocolate - he is a chocoholic!!! Off to the high seas.

Our next stop was Pirate Adventures which was a sail on a pirate ship with interactive fun.

My little pirate ready for departure.

The kiddies got to construct a map, look for treasure and fight a greedy pirate. Here is D with some of his loot.

Yes there is still more!! Once back on land we drove to the Cape Cod Canal bike path so D could practice riding his new wheels. I brought my roller blades - an hour of that is a pretty decent workout.

Lookout a new driver is on the road. He is actually getting pretty good at riding.

I did end up needing a snack on the way home - thankfully I brought a Kashi Chewy granola bar & a 6 oz. F.F. plain yogurt (sorry no pic).
Back at home I was not in the mood to cook so I just had PB & J on one slice of bread and SunButter & Jelly on the other slice.

For veggies I had some leftover roasted zucchini & baby carrot sticks.

Then I ended with a total sugar load - Lucky Charms & PB Puffins. I stole the Lucky Charms from D - he had no idea but I am sure he would not have approved.

Then mommy was in much need of a run (alone time), so run I did. I did a spectacular 8 miler - thank you carbs. I swear it was the Charms - total sugar rush. I could have actually gone longer but it was dark by the time I finished. I was risking my life out there - I had to jump onto the grass twice - I was almost road kill.
So that was my day peeps - family fun to the max!!!! Time to relax and start all over again tomorrow.
Lastly here is a funny story: D was having a drinkable yogurt this evening and he said to me & Charlie "Why isn't this Danimals taking me to a block party?" He was referring, for those who haven't seen it, to the Danimals commercial where you can win a party with a featured teeny-bopper star. We got a kick out of it.
Ok, now I am calling it a day. See you tomorrow.