Thursday, June 26, 2008

Visiting with friends

I have to say that those pancakes sure did stay with me this morning. I did not end up eating anything else until 11. I had a Larabar - this flavor is awesome - banana cookie, which tastes like banana bread. I had it just before going over to a friends house for the afternoon.

While I was visiting my friend and D was playing with his friend (her son), I had a nice cup of tea (black). Around 12:30 I ate my yogurt and did not feel like I needed anything more.

Then around 2:00 my stomach was growling so I had a Clif Bar. I am home now and really hungry, but I do not want to have dinner yet (it is 4:00). I made myself a packet of Kashi Heart to Heart, Golden Brown Maple oatmeal. This should hold me over long enough to make a decent dinner (unlike last night) plus keep my blood sugar from dropping - that would not be good.
Be back later.

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