Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time to cool off

The muffins are out of the oven cooling which means my oven is off and hopefully I will be able to cool off. I hope that you enjoyed this first day of my blog, I am really liking this. As a stay at home mom it feels good to actually do something that is centered around me, I know that sounds selfish but I always take care of my family first, then me. This gives me a some sort of hobby where I can share things about my life and family which I am so proud of. I really do have an awesome son and husband. Thanks to all the bloggers that inspired me, I am really glad that I stumbled into the blog world. See you tomorrow, sweet dreams!


ashley said...

You posted a lot in one day! I love the blog so far. Keep it up! Who cares if nobody ever comes (they will!).. take full advantage of it as an outlet for YOU!

Sammie said...

Thanks, I am really enjoying myself.