Monday, June 30, 2008

This will save some dough

I want to thank Tina from Carrots & Cake for her idea on making iced coffee at home - such a good way to save money. I like to get an occasional iced coffee, usually a black hazelnut flavored, from Dunkin Donuts. Well I just bought a bag of hazelnut coffee beans and brewed a pot yesterday, let it cool, put it in a plastic jug, then into the fridge it went and now it is ready to make iced coffee with. I made one after my workout and..........

I ate a Kashi granola bar.

Lunch today is 2 eggs, raisin toast, cottage cheese, zucchini sticks, 3 almond stuffed dates and 3 extra almonds.
After lunch D and I are off to play at Rocco's (my nephew). He called this morning while we were at the gym - he must have know that I wanted to visit him today.
See you tonight.

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