Friday, June 13, 2008

Packed lunch, qucik dinner, and a movie

I have been out all day at my sister's house so I had to pack a lunch to take along. I made a salad with tuna, zucchini, red pepper, kidney beans, shredded cabbage, and almonds, dressed with my home-made honey mustard dressing. I also brought Kashi crackers and another Larabar to try. I ate the crackers with the salad but I saved the bar for an afternoon snack. I love this flavor, cinnamon roll, it was sweet and chewy, and had a nice crunch. I will be purchasing more of these. When I got home I had about an hour to feed D and myself before going out to see Sex in the City with mom and sis. I made a quick Thomas' English muffin with an egg and cheese on 1/2 and Mighty Maple PB on the other 1/2. I also had a small bowl of blueberries and strawberries. For the movie I popped an small bag of popcorn to stash in my bag, it was nice to have a little something to munch on. Time to hit the sack, see you in the AM.

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