Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mimi & Papa are coming to town

Good morning, I am so excited that today is finally here. My mom and dad (well step-dad) are coming to MA today and I have not seen them since the beginning of March. They are going to be staying at our house until Sunday. I am really close to my mom and last October they moved to Eastport, ME which is a 6-7 hour drive. The distance has really been a big adjustment which I can honestly say I will probably never be able to adjust to.
For breakfast I had plain yogurt with a mix of Nature's Path PB granola and Kashi Good Friends Cinnamon Raisin Cereal, also black coffee.
The sun is shining and it is not as hot as it has been here. I have the windows open for some fresh air, I hope it stays like this all day. Delcan and I are going to the gym in a little while, he loves to play with all the kids in the play room while I exercise. Have a lovely day!!!

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