Monday, June 16, 2008

Mid Day Mayhem

I finally made it to the grocery store. I was glad to go and not get rained on. I picked up my usual things and a few extras. For lunch today I had a salad with red pepper, zucchini, hard boiled egg, almonds, and tuna. I had the tuna on the side because I wanted to mix in a little Raye's Holy JalapeƱo! Mustard. The company is actually located in the town of Eastport, ME which is where my mom lives. They have a ton of flavors and we've loved every one we have tried. You can order most of the flavors online and a few stores like Whole Foods and Hannaford Market sell a couple flavors, but they usually do not have any of the real funky ones like Jameson Tavern which is my favorite. If you or anyone you know is a real mustard lover this place is a sure winner. Along with the salad I had a whole wheat wrap.

My afternoon snack was a Clif Bar, another new flavor, tasted good. I am really a fan of these.

My load of groceries.....
.....fruit and veggies
I made it back from the store around 4 o'clock, had to put all the groceries away, feed D and make Charlie's dinner. I made him a ham, pepper, potato, cheese frittata. He can reheat it when he gets home. Now I am going to make something for myself. I am really in the mood for some fruit. See you back in a while.

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