Monday, June 30, 2008

Into the Heat

I have been really enjoying the spicy flavor and heat of buffalo sauce these days (especially tofu from Whole Foods). I used Frank's Red Hot (original) Cayenne Pepper Sauce to kick up the flavor of my dinner. All I did was put a few drops onto corn tortillas covered in melted cheese and chic peas. I mixed more hot sauce into the bowl of chic peas too - so good!!! I had some red peppers and dressing on the side.

To end with a little sweetness I had a yogurt and half a Kashi Crunchy granola bar.

This afternoon I had a packet of Kashi Heart to Heart oatmeal for a snack.

Charlie & I just cleaned the hamster cage. Sir Milton is now running around the dinning room floor in his plastic ball.
Where has the night gone - I can not believe it is already almost 9. I was going to try to read but now I think I might end up falling asleep. I would like to get to the gym nice and early tomorrow so going to bed now is not such a bad idea. Good night.

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heatherbakes said...

LOVE Frank's Red Hot! It's really good on Boca Chicken Patties, too.

I'm cracking up at "Sir Milton"... such a sophisticated name for a hamster :)