Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fresh air finale

Today really flew by, probably because I was a busy bee. After my sister left I was able to get the ingredients for my bread into the machine.

After it was through mixing, the dough seemed a bit wet so I took it out and kneaded it by hand. Instead of putting it back in the machine I divided it between 2 pans and let them rise before baking them in my oven.
I just love the smell of baking bread, I wish my house smelled this good all day, every day. The loaves came out pretty good considering the sticky mess I was troubled with earlier.

For dinner I made myself a broccoli and cheese omelette. I mixed 4 0unces liquid egg whites with a whole egg, tossed in 3/4 cup Ore-Ida Southern Style Hashbrown potatoes, 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, and 1 cup frozen broccoli florets. I severed it on a bed of greens dressed with Maple Grove Farm's dressing.

I added some grains to dinner with a Thomas' English muffin topped with Mighty Maple Peanut Butter.

This afternoon while I was doodling around the kitchen, D was playing on Pbskids.org. He looks so serious.
I had a bowl of fruit, a nectarine and grapes.

Check out the boo-boo he got this morning playing with Rocco.

This evening I was able to take my dog for a walk, the fresh air was so pleasant. The smell of charcoal filled the air as I walked through the neighborhood. I could hear kids outside playing because they are out of school for summer vacation. It was bringing back a lot of childhood memories, I always looked forward to summer, but what kid doesn't.
Time to call it a day, and a fine one at that. Good night.

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