Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally Funk free Friday (I hope)

Last night Charlie and I had to open the back of the fridge again because the SMELL came back. The bleach we poured in the tray did not work. After thinking about the problem for a bit we decided to use an enzymatic cleaner. We bought the enzyme stuff when our dog was having issues in the house. It works great at removing odors and stains. Well the stuff seems to be working on the fridge funk, at least I really hope it is.
I enjoyed my breakfast, stench free, of yogurt, a banana, Kashi Go Lean, almonds and coffee.

I am going to the gym in a bit. I am taking D with me so he can run around with the mass of kids that are in the playroom. You can tell school is out for the summer, there were 30 kids on Monday. The teachers are so sweet and he has a blast with everyone.
I am thinking about using the Summit Climber again, it was such a good workout, I really can't resist. I will report back later, enjoy your morning.

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