Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Dinner

All day long D had been asking if he could go out on a date with me and Charlie. I think he was jealous that we went out without him last night. During the week Charlie gets home from work late so D and I eat dinner before he gets home and I think that he really likes it when we all get to sit down as a family and eat together. I wish we could every night but I like to have him in bed between 7-7:30. So we ended up going out to a restaurant near our house, he was so excited. I had another salad, this place makes the best salads, and then we shared two desserts. D wanted an Oreo Cookie bomb and then we had a chocolate cake. We had a nice time, he is really well behaved whenever we take him to a restaurant, and it was nice to end Father's Day as a happy family.

Here is my salad, way too much onion, I forgot to ask for them to leave them out, oh well, they were big enough to pick off.

D getting ready to dig into the bomb : )

.... and the cake, I mostly wanted it for the frosting, I can live without the cake, it is the frosting that I like.
After all that we went home and I went for a nice run. It was drizzling out but I enjoyed the cool air and the mist felt so relaxing on my face. It was a nice change from the hot weather we had last week. After I showered the three of us hung out in my bed for a little family TV time. We watched about 20 minutes of Power Rangers, of course. (D says he wants to be the red Ranger, Tiger Ranger, when he gets older) Now it is time for me to go to bed, I had such a great weekend, I am really lucky to have this life, I would not trade it for anything. Good night : )

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