Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Even the Donuts are Celebrating

I had a good workout this morning, a 5 mile run and then I did lift for about 30 minutes. On our way home we stopped by Dunkin' Donuts, D got a donut and I got a decaf iced coffee. Everyone is celebrating the Celtic's win, look at the cute little shamrock sprinkles.

D loves donuts, especially the big ones. I usually only let him have donut holes but today I couldn't resist the big one. (he didn't eat the whole thing)

Along with my coffee I had one of the oatmeal bars I made yesterday. I am not ready for lunch yet so I wanted something to hold me over until I am showered up. I think we are going to my sister's later, the boys wanted to play more yesterday but my sister had to get back home. I am on my own tonight, Charlie has a side job to do after work tonight, so I will not be rushing home. I will try to post before I leave, sorry in advance if the postings are late.

I really like that these are oaty and chewy, also not too sweet. Charlie tried one last night, he is NOT a fan. But I knew he wouldn't, we have totally different tastes when it comes to food.
Time to hit the shower, enjoy the afternoon.

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