Sunday, June 29, 2008

The end of the weekend

The day is almost over and once again I have waited till now to catch up on my blogging. Next weekend I am going to stay on top of my posts so that I do not have to cram so much in all at once. Sorry in advance for this being another quickie.
Breakfast was Weetabix, skim milk, banana & almonds. Then I was at the gym by 7:00.

After the gym I had a few baby carrots and a sliced apple.
No pictures of lunch because it was nothing special. I had salad, PB&J and cottage cheese. I also ended up having a yogurt, a Kashi granola bar and a square of chocolate before I went to the grocery store later in the afternoon.

Dinner was a few veggie sticks (zucchini & carrots) which I dipped in hummus and a turkey burger with BBQ sauce and provolone cheese (I found a hormone free brand). I had the burger on a mini whole wheat pita.

I had some of the frozen yogurt I bought yesterday. I mixed in a some PB and a new cereal that I bought for D today - Organic Wild Cocoa Puffs by Barbara's Bakery. He has been asking for Cocoa Puffs whenever we go to the store but I refuse to by something for breakfast that is so unhealthy. I guess with the word organic in the title it makes me feel better about giving him cocoa flavored cereal. Of course he had to have it for dinner - he did have a piece of pizza first. I made one of the American Flatbread Company frozen pizzas (from Whole Foods) for Charlie & D.

I will be back on track tomorrow. See you in the AM.

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