Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bye bye boring

Today I am staring a new approach to my meals. I am sick of the boring same old stuff. I am going to open up my cookbooks and start to experiment. I have many wonderful and healthy books - the variety is definitely available to me.
For breakfast I made Buckwheat pancakes from a cookbook by Ellie Krieger - The Food You Crave. It is a wonderful cookbook that I have used in the past - I knew this recipe would be delicious. I think the pancakes came out a little flat because I was supposed to use buttermilk, which I did not have any on hand. Instead I tried the old lemon juice mixed in with regular milk trick - I am not sure if that worked so well this morning. Even though they are not the most voluptuous cakes I have ever seen, they sure do taste good. I have never used buckwheat flour before - it has a great nutty flavor.

The recipe was blueberry pancakes (I ran out of blueberries), I just left them out. I also left out one of the 2 tablespoons of oil. To serve mine I mashed a banana with some canned pumpkin, then spread it between the layers of 3 pancakes. It was so yummy and very filling. Definitely a great start to a new beginning.

This recipe made 12 pancakes, which breaks down to 4 servings. I am going to freeze the rest so these will make an appearance again, hopefully I can be creative with ways to top them. I do not want to resort to boring maple syrup, although maple syrup is so tasty.
Now with a satisfied belly I will press on in my journey through my endless supply of recipes in order to bring new flavors to my palate. I know my stomach won't mind the new experience either. : )


hk said...

I really like Ellie Krieger's recipes, I'll have to try this one :) what is the amount of batter per pancake? 1/2 cup? Jus thinking maybe i could scale back the amount b/c I'm only cooking for 1 (possible 2)..but freezing is always a good alternative ;)

Sammie said...

I used 1/4 cup of batter per pancake.